Gaz Beadle blasts TOWIE: ‘It’s as scripted as f\*\*king Corrie’

That’s not very nice now is it?

gaz beadle

by Anna Lewis |

We were always under the impression that rival reality TV stars got on pretty well.


That being said, we were a little surprised by Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle’s recent outburst.

After watching TOWIE being filmed a few years ago in Marbella, 27-year-old Gaz has admitted he couldn’t believe how staged it was.

"People virtually write storylines for the cast. It can go on forever because they'll just bring new idiots in and then people will write them a story and they can crack on, turn up and do their little script,” Gaz told the Daily Star.

"There are probably marks on the floor where they have to stand.”


He added: "I was in my room at 9am and Gemma Collins was filming a pool party. She was screeching. I was like 'What are you doing? Shut Up.' She was pretending to be at a pool party. It was just fake."

"I was so angry when I watched it on the TV and they must have done a montage because she was saying how amazing it was and I was thinking 'that didn't happen - it was f**king empty."

Surely this can’t be true…

A TOWIE spokesperson said: "As the show disclaimer states, TOWIE follows the real lives of its cast and while certain situations might be constructed, all of the interactions, reactions and emotions are completely genuine."

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