Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan: ‘I f*cking HATE exercise’

Turns out not ALL the Geordie Shore girls are gym addicts after all…

holly hagan weight loss after underwear boobs

by Fiona Day |
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Holly Hagan has undergone one hell of a transformation since she first appeared on Geordie Shore, but she's managed to achieve her dream body without becoming gym-obsessed.

She told heatworld exclusively that her weight loss journey focused pretty much solely on the things she was putting in her mouth, rather than what she was burning off on the treadmill.

"I f*cking hate exercise and I wanted to show people what I did and what worked for me. I [chose writing a book] as I feel like the DVD has been done and only focuses on one part of it," she said.

holly hagan weight loss after

We also got Holly, 23, to talk us through what's really happening between Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, after all the drama of the last few months.

She explained: "I'm definitely there for her. She knows I've been through a lot of shit on the show with Kyle [Christie], so we do try to help each other.

"We all love the Charlotte and Gary thing but we all want more for Charlotte than what Gary is prepared to give her."

holly hagan weight loss before and after

Tensions reached fever-pitch last month when it was revealed that Gaz had hooked up with numerous girls while filming for 2016's Ex On The Beach.

And now Gary is well and truly in the bad books with the Geordie lasses.

"It's a kick in the face to me and Charlotte that he's done this," Holly went on.

"I started trusting him and now he's let me down as much as he's let Charlotte down."


holly hagan weight loss after underwear boobs

Holly's experiences with ex-boyfriend Kyle have even put her off the idea of finding love in the Geordie Shore house.

"I would never be in a relationship in the house ever again," she added.

"Kyle and I have this connection that I don't think we'll ever have with anyone else again, but we can't be together when the show is on.

"But who knows what's going to happen in the future?"

(Additional reporting by Jenni McKnight)

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Holly Hagan Geordie Shore - her amazing body transformation

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