EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Kai exposes Sanam’s LIE

The Love Island winner has called out his other half

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan during the Casa Amor recoupling on winter Love Island 2023

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Winter Love Island 2023 winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan are just the best, aren’t they? Not only did they make history as the first ever Casa Amor couple to win the show, but they’re clearly SO in love with each other and, frankly, it’s adorable.

For all those reasons and so many more, we were thrilled to have them as guests on the latest episode of heat Dates to get a good old grilling from our Harriet Rose and they gave us everything we needed.

As well as exposing some, ahem, x-rated scenes between Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins and revealing how they REALLY feel about Olivia Hawkins, Kai called out Sanam for LYING about their relationship.

Love Island's Sanam resting her head of Kai's shoulder
Kai exposed Sanam's lying and eek ©ITV Pictures

But don’t worry, there’s not trouble in paradise. It’s all rather cute, really.

When Harriet Rose asked the couple if they were fans of a bit of PDA, Sanam answered, “I’ll have a cuddle and I like when he holds my hand when we walk outside.”

But as for “tonguing” in public (gross), she insisted, “Oh no, I’ll have a little peck.”

It was then that Kai exposed her for lying as he interjected, “That’s such a lie!

“You’ve tongued me so many times in public. I’m standing there and she grabs my head and she’s like tongue down my throat.”

Love Island's Kai and Sanam kissing on their date
Kai and Sanam love a good old snog ©ITV Pictures

“I love a good kiss though,” Sanam added, while Kai said, “I’ll kiss anywhere.

“Like we said the whole time, we’re trying to break the world record with our kissing. There’s been little videos made of every single kiss we’ve ever had.

Aww, if it was anyone else we’d be reaching for the sick bucket, but there’s just something so wholesome about these two.

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