Katie Price dubs Katie Hopkins a “boring old s**g” in Celebrity Big Brother

With only a few days left, Pricey let rip...

Katie Price

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Katie Price seemed like she might forge a friendship with Katie Hopkins during her time in Celebrity Big Brother, but never underestimate the Pricey, as she laid into the outspoken columnist, during a fake chat show in the house, hosted by Eamon Holmes.

This Morning's presenter showed off vox pops from the housemates picking holes in eachother. Katie Hopkins was shown criticising Jordan for saying that her ex-husbands all wanted her to 'be the man' in their relationships.

Katie also told Katie Price "We're bored of hearing I'm not boring because you are boring."

And this set Katie Price off. Big time.

“Oh f**k off you boring old s**g!” she screamed.

"I can't wait to get out and tell everyone what a fake f*** you are so f*** off!"

Hopkins hit back at Katie Price saying: "You are boring in here, we're bored of hearing about this and she's not worth the fee.'


Pricey snapped: "You boring old s***. I'm so bored of her!"

Finally Jordan ended the confrontation, saying: 'There you go, you've had an argument from me now."

The former glamour model has been riled by the Hopkins on numerous occassions, such as when Katie H said she didn't believe in ADHD - a condition Jordan's son Harvey suffers with - and when she laid into the Pricey about claiming a free private car for Harvey off the government.

Elsewhere in the chat show they called CBB News Perez, claimed he's a “happy happy person”, but had “been far from happy” in the house, and was desperate to leave. Which he did.

Meanwhile Katie Hopkins said: “In the last couple of days, Perez hasn’t been such a twat, but ultimately my hatred for Perez is still very deep

She added: “I can’t stand the man, I think he should be kicked out of the house, there’s nothing about him that I like.”

Katie Price's biggest ever fights


CBB 2015: Katie Price's biggest celebrity fights EVER – featuring spats with Katie Hopkins, Kelly Brook AND Kim Kardashian!

Katie Price vs Katie Hopkins1 of 8

Katie Price vs Katie Hopkins

Straight-talking Hopkins took to Twitter in August 2014 to publicly attack the Pricey’s, uh, unusual choice in daughter’s name. "BUNNY? Makes sense, given your dad was going at it like a rabbit with all of mum's mates," she tweeted. Burn! The former Apprentice runner-up also appeared on Celebrity Juice where she continued to slate Katie’s choice of baby name saying, “I'm not so keen on Katie Price's baby name either. I don't think Bunny is a great name for a baby, do you?” Miss Price didn’t hold back when she blasted Katie Hopkins for being ‘ignorant’ when she claimed "behind every fat child is a fat parent", referring to her son Harvey. Will the CBB house become a battleground between the two Katies?

Alicia Douvall2 of 8

Alicia Douvall

For a woman best known for her multiple breast enlargements, the Pricey displayed a tiny hint of hypocrisy when she infamously accused Alicia of being addicted to cosmetic surgery in June 2012. She told one interviewer: "Alicia Douvall? To me that is having a problem with surgery, I don't understand it. She doesn't have anyone around her to say, 'Look what are you doing'." Um, Katie? HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR OWN BODY IN THE MIRROR RECENTLY???

Kelly Brook3 of 8

Kelly Brook

These two engaged in a Twitter war in 2013, when Katie Price revealed she'd had a fling with Kelly's ex-fella Danny Cipriani. Labelling Katie "desperate", Kelly tweeted: “@MissKatiePrice Your doing a Kiss&Tell on Danny?? Haha that’s hilarious you dated for 5mins and was one of many at the time. Desperate." Ouchies.

Goff_T_Giles_080514_264 of 8


Although they may be friends now (well, ish) after Katie offered her support to Big Brother star Chantelle following her break-up with Katie’s ex Alex Reid in 2011, they weren't always pals. Katie and Chantelle had many clashes over Alex - and at one point, Katie even claimed that Chantelle was "ruining her life".

Peaches-Geldof5 of 8


When the late Peaches Geldof posted a picture of her dog licking her baby son's face, Katie took to Twitter to share her thoughts about Peaches' parenting skills, saying she didn’t think it was safe to have an animal that close to a child. Peaches hit back saying: "Funny that Katie Price aka 'Jordan' lol thinks that I shouldn't allow my gentle, sweet golden retriever dog near his best friend, my son. Could say the same thing to her about letting some of the multitude of 'boyfriends' she has near her kids." Erm, maybe Katie should have kept her mouth shut on this one?

Victoria Beckham6 of 8

Victoria Beckham

Katie had a dig at the ex-Spice Girl when she labelled her 'Misery Spice' at the band's reunion in 2012, where Posh was pictured doing the her trademark ‘duck face’ while her former band mates were seen grinning. Katie said: "Perhaps her bunions were killing her again, or maybe her tight dress meant she had problems holding in her wind - but it felt more like a case of her thinking, 'I'm in fashion now dah-lings. All this is just SO beneath me.'" We won’t be expecting a duo from these two again any time soon, then...

Kim Kardashian7 of 8

Kim Kardashian

The ex-glamour model - who got her break as a Page 3 girl - managed to show a shimmer more hypocrisy when she slammed Kim's totally naked Paper magazine shoot as "unattractive". Umm.

Kim Woodburn8 of 8

Kim Woodburn

Back in 2009 when Katie returned to the I'm A Celebrity jungle, campmate Kim got her knickers in a twist when Katie asked what the camp thought of her. Kim told Jordan: "You live and die for publicity, and you do it well." Well Katie, you did ask...

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