Love Island’s Liam reveals his unique journey to the show

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Liam Reardon turned down Love Island

by Hannah Mellin |

It’s official, despite their sometimes rocky Love Island experience, 2021 king and queen Liam Reardon and Millie Court continue to melt our hearts. Since leaving the villa as winners, they’ve hardly spent a minute apart (apart from having to isolate away from each other for ten days) and recently headed to Wales so Millie could experience his hometown.

Liam officially got his happily ever after with his Millie Moo, but it could have turned out very different…

Yep, in a new interview, Liam has revealed that he was initially offered a place on the show in 2019 and 2020 but turned it down as he didn’t fancy it at the time as he was also only 19.

In a recent Facebook livestream with WalesOnline, the bricklayer said, "I was actually supposed to go on there when I was 19, so a few years ago now."

He explained, “I didn't end up going on there, then I was supposed to go on the winter one, and I chose not to go on that one”.

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He added, “I think everything happens for a reason, you know? I've ended up going on there this year, and if I'd gone on there a previous year I wouldn't have met Millie.

"I've gone on there this year and it's all worked out perfect, so I couldn't be more grateful."

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Liam isn’t the only of this year’s Islanders to have links to previous seasons on Love Island. Before the show started this year, former Nandos waitress Liberty Poole predicted her own place in the most famous villa in the world by making her feelings known a year before the show was on screens.

Last summer, in the height of the lockdown, she tweeted that her complex love life should earn her a place on the show.

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She wrote, "I seem to be in that many love triangles feel like I’ve earned myself a place on Love Island."

Spilling all to Grazia just before she entered the villa, she said, " I've always sort of wanted to do [Love Island] but it's never been the right time until now. So I did get approached in my DMs, just asking if I would be interested.

"But I still had to go through the whole application process from start to finish in, there was no shortcut."

Safe to say it all worked out for her in the end didn’t it?

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