Exclusive! Anna Vakili explains the Jordan Hames fight we never saw 😱

There’s more to one of the most iconic fights in Love Island history

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by Hannah Mellin |

We're not going to lie – there's quite literally nothing better than a dramatic argument that's immortalised on camera.

Love Island history is littered with them, but we don’t think there was a more DRAMATIC moment in the villa than there was in 2019 when Anna Vakili confronted Jordan Hames after he decided to "crack on" with India Reynolds hours after asking Anna to be his girlfriend.

When Anna found out, she absolutely hit the roof, even more so when he denied trying to move on. We can still hear her screaming "THREE DAYS" in his face before going on to say "no wonder you've never had a girlfriend".

Honestly, one of the best reality TV moments of all time.

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Two years on, Anna has now revealed that there was way more to the fight that the nation saw unfold on telly.

Speaking on heat’s Under The Duvet with Harriet Rose and Chris Taylor, Anna was asked by Chris if she thought that "anyone in the 2021 season has got it in their locker to go as nuclear as you did at Jordan?"

Anna replied, "No way. They didn’t even show how hard it went. It was way worse, it was way worse than what they showed."

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Harriet then begged Anna to spill the tea and she did, "They had to take me to the beach hut after like ‘you went a bit too crazy’, I’d just had enough by then to be honest, everyone walking in and out, I’d just had enough."

Amber Gill, who is becoming our favourite ever Love Island commentator (soz, Iain Stirling), who had Anna’s back throughout the argument, also thinks the current crop of Islanders don’t have it in them to create those moments.

She simply said, "Absolutely not."

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