Love Island’s most complained about moment REVEALED

Turns out fans have been left unimpressed with this series...

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Love Island's been on our TV screens for six years (excluding the celebrity version) and there's been some pretty controversial moments in that time.

However it turns out that Love Island 2021 is the most complained about series and it's all to do with the Casa Amor postcard.

While the postcard allowed a few of the girls to see the boys intentions on their "lads holiday", it left poor Millie Court in the dark about Liam Reardon's behaviour and Faye Winter was completely misled with Teddy Soares antics.

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liam snogged lillie in casa amor ©ITV

Millie only saw Liam sleeping in bed with Lillie however she was unaware that he was getting to know her, he ended up snogging her a few times and in a challenge he even had a three-way kiss.

Whereas Teddy kissed Clarisse in a game but he remained completely loyal to Faye and even slept outside.

Following the shocking episode where the girls received the postcard it turns out thousands of viewers complained about it.

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faye and teddy hit a rough patch following casa amor ©ITV

According to The Sun, the TV watchdog received a whopping 4,330 complaints and Ofcom also received 738 complaints over the "postcard issue".

This isn't the first time Love Island bosses have come under fire for their challenges. Back in 2018, fans slammed the show after Dani Dyer was left in a flood of tears after seeing a clip of Jack Fincham discovering that his ex-girlfriend had entered the Casa Amor villa.

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Samira is distraught as Frankie is sent home

There have been a couple of notable teary times from Samira Mighty. Firstly, she cried in frustration to Megan Barton Hanson, confused at why no one ever fancies her (which is a fair enough question because she's mega-babez). And when Samira finally DID find love with Frankie Foster, the public cruelly voted him out just days later. Samira broke down, crying: "I just don't understand."NEITHER DO WE, SAMIRA.Tear tally: 9 (mostly because she also had to put up with Alex in the first week)

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After watching Jack's reaction to his ex arriving, Dani tearfully said, "This is bulls--t. It always f--king happens to me though, as soon as I’m happy with someone something happens to me.

"I’m not allowed to be happy, it’s such bulls--t."

Ofcom received over 2,000 complaints at the time however it later came to light that Love Island didn't breach broadcasting rules.

At the time a spokesperson for Ofcom said, "We carefully considered viewers’ concerns about the wellbeing of a female contestant on this established reality programme.

"While we understand her distress made for upsetting viewing, we consider that viewers are likely to expect emotionally charged scenes that have been engineered to test contestants’ relationships."

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