Love Island: Olivia Attwood responds to claims Faye Winter is ‘trying to be her’

Let’s hope Faye brings the drama too

Faye Winter

by Daisy Hall |

Love Island finally kicked off last night, indicating the start of summer and we got the chance to meet all our new obsessions.

Faye Winter had a pretty eventful first episode being picked by three different boys and eventually ending up with swoonworthy Brad McCelland, but some fans weren’t impressed and noted the resemblance between Faye and former Love Islander Olivia Attwood.

After a fan commented, “This Faye is trying so hard to be the next @oliviajade_att #LoveIsland”, Olivia responded, “Tweet 1 of 100 like this. Let’s give her a chance - she’s got her work cut out to be that much of a nightmare!”

That’s not the first time that comparisons have been made between former Love Islanders and those in the newer series.

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Remember all the drama back in 2018 aimed at Laura Anderson who looked just like Olivia Attwood and Kendall Rae Knight who was the spitting image of Kady McDermott?

Let’s be honest though, Olivia Attwood is iconic. We can only hope that Faye brings at least half the drama that Liv did during her time on the show.

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Faye Winter was the last member of the Love Island 2021 line-up to be announced and whilst we’re not saying they saved the best till last, we’re also not not saying that if you get what we mean…

Faye is a 26-year-old lettings agent from Devon who has taken a sabbatical from work in order to appear on the show.

Faye described her ideal type as “someone who I can go on holidays and stuff with for the next couple of years, and have a really fun time and then start thinking about kids and serious things in three of four years time.”

What do you think of her being coupled up with Brad?

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