Wait, is there going to be a Love Island UK/USA crossover?

Plot twist or what? 😱

Love Island UK USA crossover

by Nathan Katnoria |

With Love Island officially returning to our screens in just TEN days, fans are excited to see what show bosses have in store after over a year off our screens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s already loads of speculation about who will be heading into the villa, with names including Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly rumoured to be looking for love in Majorca this summer.

And now, some viewers think that producers have got a major trick up their sleeve after noticing that both the UK and USA editions of the show will be airing at the same time.

Schedule changes due to the pandemic mean that the two shows will be taking place simultaneously, leading fans to gossip about a crossover.

One wrote on Reddit, “Both Love Islands (UK and US) will be airing at the same time for a while. Idk if I can keep up with 2 hours of Love Island a day,” to which another responded, “Oh this is interesting, I wonder if there’s any chance of a crossover.”

They added, “Big Brother has done that a few times. And I remember during 2018 there was speculation that UK4 and Aus1 were going to crossover in some way due to both airing at the same time.”

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2005 - Celebrity Love Island - Jayne Middlemiss

TV presenter and model Jayne Middlemiss was the first person to win Celebrity Love Island, alongside Fran Cosgrave. Nothing happened between the pair when they left the villa, with Jayne continuing with work in TV, including shows such as Celebrity Masterchef and Pointless. She's now a radio presenter!

With Islanders unlikely to be in the same place at the same time due to ongoing travel restrictions, talk turned to what a crossover could involve.

One predicted, “Due to travel restrictions I’m 100 per cent sure there won’t be any actual swapping of contestants, but I’m thinking more so like they’ll meet virtually for a task, something like that."

INTERESTING. We’re here for it tbh.

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Ahead of the series seven launch show, ITV bosses have revealed that future Islanders will be offered at least eight therapy sessions as they unveiled the duty of care protocols put in place to help contestants deal with their newfound fame.

Islanders will receive “comprehensive psychological support” before, during and after their time on the show, which - as well as therapy - includes bespoke training on the impact of social media, handling potential negativity and financial management.

Registered mental health professionals are always on hand for the Islanders, who have to complete detailed psychological and medical assessments before the show. There is also a dedicated welfare team for Islanders during and after their time in the villa, with the senior team based in Majorca also trained in mental health first aid.

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