Zara McDermott breaks down again amid Sam Thompson split but fans still aren’t convinced

Their dramatic split continued on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea

Zara McDermott

by Nathan Katnoria |

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott’s dramatic split continued to play out on our screens in last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea (27 October) as the former Love Island star plotted how to win back her man.

Zara came under fire from fans last week when she was accused of “fake crying" during an emotional showdown with Sam and although he took a break from SW3 this week (supposedly to film The Celebrity Circle), the 23-year-old couldn’t help but break down again as she confided in friends Melissa Tattam and Ruby Adler.

Zara McDermott Made in Chelsea
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She told her pals, “I think so much has happened and it was such a long time ago that I just want him to see this year. I think he’s seeing it for what it is but he’s hurt by everything, of course. Why wouldn’t he be?”

Zara started crying as she continued, “I just feel like he deserves someone that would never do that to him. I love him so much. He’s everything to me. We do everything together, he’s my best friend. I feel so lost.”

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But some viewers still weren’t convinced her tears and took to social media to share their opinion.

“Oh Zara you actually need to stop crying now,” wrote one, while another asked, “Can someone explain to me how Zara is really trying to make herself the victim here?”

“Ten minutes in and Zara’s already pushing out tears,” tweeted a third.

The latest instalment of Made in Chelsea came shortly after Zara’s ex Sam appeared to mock her in a now-deleted video.

The 27-year-old recorded himself dramatically crying as he acted out a scene arguing with himself about throwing away a Nando's. The video was dubbed to the sound of Zara sobbing on MIC as she pleaded for Sam not to "throw [their relationship] away."

Sam Thompson Made in Chelsea
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The video was deleted just minutes after it was uploaded but Sam later broke his silence on the whole debacle to insist Zara gave “full permission” for him to upload the video.

Taking to Instagram Stories to explain the situation, Sam said, "I'd just like to address the video I took down last night I found it quite funny I think 99.9% of you found it quite funny.

"But to the 0.1% I'd just like to say I did have Zara's full permission to post that, I showed it to her prior and she understood the context of it.

"She understood it was actually me taking the p--s out of myself and the fact Made In Chelsea has been there for every high and every low of my entire life, of how mad it is you can take a clip like that and put your own spin on it it's trending on TikTok I find it hilarious and slightly terrifying."

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