Ruby Adler’s new love interest Renan is fit AF

The Bali beaut caught the attention of one Ruby Adler recently


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Write about Made in Chelsea's brand new Bali-based hunk Renan as the last job before the Christmas break? Fine.

If you've been watching Made in Chelsea: Bali and Bonjour Baby (which is probably the cringiest/bougiest name producers have ever come up with) then no doubt the edge of your sofa has been taking the majority of your weight recently because it's been EDGE OF YOUR SEAT since the SW3 lot touched down in Indonesia.

But amongst all the gossip, name-calling and all-round toxic behaviour (the antithesis of all things Bali really) there is model Renan Severo, who has emerged from the heat of the rest of the show like a sexy AF mirage (one we NEVER want to fade away).

The MIC newbie was introduced to the show as a love interest for Ruby Adler (which makes sense as he's basically Miles 2.0). If you're up to date with Chelsea and you're anything like us, then you want to know what his Instagram is IMMEDIATELY and more about the movie he starred in (btw, it's called Climax).

Luckily for you lot, we've done the stalking for you – consider it our Christmas present to you. The question is: can we all share nicely?

Who is Renan Severo?

Renan is MIC's new fit lord. He's a Brazilian model who lives in Bali, where he met the rest of the cast. Due to his location, he is unlikely to become a fully-fledged cast member anytime soon, which is just a horrible thought to entertain.

What happened with Renan Severo and Ruby Adler?

Not a lot. They met in Bali, after Renan spotted her at random from across a bar (sure, Jan). They then went on a date to a monkey sanctuary and that's pretty much it. Ruby went on to tell some of the MIC girls that despite his supreme hotness, she didn't feel a spark between them.

Was Renan Severo in a film?

Yes, a sexy action thriller film called Climax. Yes, CLIMAX.

A fan summarises the plot as follows, "Mia Malkova and her boyfriend try to do things out of the blue and enter a desert even after there is a no-entry board written on it. In this situation, scary things and some crazy people start troubling them. The couple runs for their life and reaches a small town only to know there are more dangerous situations are in store for them. Who is behind these incidents and how the couple comes out of this mess forms the crux of the story."

Does Renan Severo have Instagram?

Yes. Thank God. You can thirst over him at @renanseverom.

Does Renan Severo have TikToK?

Yes. Thank God. You can thirst over him some more at @renanseverom.

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