How to get the body glitter look that’s gone viral on TikTok

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We love all things glitter, especially hair glitter. Whether it's for a gig, the holidays, a night out, or just because you want to, we love adding a little bit of sparkle to our outfits. ✨

And fingers crossed, this year, we'll actually be celebrating New Year (and Christmas), so we definitely want to dress up and go out-out.

There are lots of different glitter hair trends - we all remember glitter roots from 2015 (and then again in 2019), the cute fishtail braid glitter and the dipped ombré look. There are SO many ways to shimmer up your hair.

As it turns out, TikTok loves glitter too, and one girl has made glitter ALL the rage after spritzing silver glitter hairspray all over her body right before heading out the door. Hairspray turned body spray? Iconic - we know. Watch the viral video below:

I mean, who doesn't want to look like that on a night out? To help you achieve the TikTok-worthy, glam look, we've found the best glitter sprays that money can buy. And trust us - you won't regret it.

The best hair and body glitter

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OutSHINE the rest with this temporary hair and body silver glitter spray. It's long-lasting,


Subtle yet effective, this spray is the perfect finishing touch to any going out look. If you're


Set your makeup and give yourself a sparkle in the process, with Revolution's Shimmer setting spray.


Get sun-kissed and radiant skin all year round with this silky smooth body highlighter by Lottie


One spritz of this and you'll look glam as ever - we promise.


Want sensational looking skin that glistens in the sun? Fenty Beauty Body Lava Luminizer will help

Best subtle hair spray
Kevin Murphy KMU228 SHIMMER
Price: £35


If you need just a pop of sparkle, this hair spray is ideal. It's very subtle and just adds a coat

Best gel hair glitter
GL-Turelifes Mermaid Sequins Chunky Glitter Liquid
Price: £6.99


Make sure your glitter stays on throughout the night with this gel liquid glitter. It's super

Best glam hair glitter


This bright, holographic galaxy glitter is ideal for any unicorn, celestial or vibrant looks. We

Best hair glitter for mermaid looks


Mermaid vibes anyone? This chunky hair glitter doubles up as body and face glitter, too.

11. JUN-H 12 Styles Chunky Glitter Nail Sequin Glitter

Best value hair glitter


Chunky glitter always gets a yes from us, especially when there are so many different colours

Best holographic hair glitter


Who doesn't love a holographic moment? Whether you're going for a celestial vibe or you just love

Stargazer Glitter Shaker, Silver.
Price: £3


If you want a true, intense sparkle, then this glitter by Stargazer is ideal. It's available in 24

Best chunky/shaped hair glitter
KARIZMA Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter
Price: £5.99


Prefer your glitter with cute hearts and other shapes? This chunky glitter by Karizma has plenty


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Can I use hair glitter for my body and face?

It depends on the type of glitter you choose, but usually, you can. Most glitter products are versatile and multipurpose, they can typically be applied on your face, body and hair - which really helps tie the whole look together. If you're not sure if your hair glitter can be used elsewhere, make sure to read the description and label, as that will say what it can be used for and if it's safe to be used on your skin.

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