Festival hairstyles to keep you looking hot all weekend

Just don't forget the dry shampoo

by Hannah Mellin |

What do warm beers, wellies, dry shampoo and surviving on four hours sleep a night remind you of? Some of the best festival times of our lives, tbh.

Yep, festival season is officially upon us and as much as we love making mems, we're not going to lie and say we don't care about looking our best, especially when there's so much festival fashion, make-up trends and hair inspo all over our Insta feeds and TikTok FYP. With so much to choose from, it's so easy to get lost, especially when we all have different length and colour hair.

If you're currently planning your hair styles for an upcoming festival, we got you boo, because figuring out ways to make your follicles look fit all festival is a very important bit of beauty prep, especially when you live in England and our festival experience is more three days rolling around in the mud than glamping in the Coachella desert.

Before we start, though, when packing your rucksack make sure you include some festi-hair kit essentials. Things like dry shampoo (obvs), snag-free bands, Kirby grips, fun clips, a Tangle Teezer and hairspray will save you life (too dramatic?).

Festival ponytails

A classic high pony will do you wonders in festival environments, especially when you're dodging rain and beer. You can make it more 'festival' by using colourful scrunchies or by investing in coloured clip in hair extensions to give your ‘tail a spritz to reach full unicorn status.

Braided and bubble ponytails are also an option, especially as you'll also get the added bonus of next day waves. Organisation is a key theme here, folks.

Got shorter hair? Pull into a mid messy ponytail and leave strands loose then scrunch with hairspray. Or you could try the trusted half up half down technique.

Festival bob hairstyles

Get rid of a greasy fringe by twisting front sections of hair then pinning back, you could even plait them if you like.

If you want to make the most of your natural curls, use a spray of dry shampoo for texture. Cute clips (like these 90s butterfly ones) are also your best friend, especially if you want to rock a cute little half up bun or to hold little plaits in place.

Festival space buns

Space buns are having a moment, and they're the perfect cute distraction to hair that definitely needs a wash. You know when you just go past the point of dry shampoo?

They also work on long and short hair which is a huge bonus. We're a little obsessed with these half up space buns:

How to create festival space buns

  • Brush your hair and part down the middle

  • Create two pigtails high upon your head

  • Leave some strands around your forehead loose for a softer touch

  • Backcomb a few times to create volume in each pigtail (you could use hair extensions too)

  • Twist the pigtail into a rope and fold round into a bun shape on the side of your hair

  • Secure with kirby grips and some hairspray

Festival hair gems

In the past few years, we've seen a switch from glitter to much more environmentally friendly versions (glitter contains microplastics that aren't biodegradable) - including gels that you can use on the roots of your hair for some festival sparkle.

Bring a pot in your luggage and top up the sparkle on a daily basis. Again, a huge distraction from the dirty hair.

Hair gems are also back in town, after TikTok revived hair gems and hair stampers back from the grave. Obsessed.

Festival hair accessories

You need one day to show off your gorgeous styled hair, don't you? If you've curled your hair or had a bouncy blow dry, let it shine on the first day and add fun extra likes clips, hair rings, head chains, flower crowns and headscarves.

Festival plaits

A chic ponytail plait or a rough up fishtail. Want a style that will take you the whole way through? French and boxer braids will keep your hair away from your face all weekend. Or you could try the new trend of baby braids, that you can still create even if you haven't got your trust hair band on your wrist. Take note:

Day-old festival hair can handle something simple like a loose side plait or a rough up fishtail. Want a style that will take you the whole way through? French and boxer braids will keep your hair away from your face all weekend.

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