Hair stampers are back: Here’s how to steal Laura Whitmore’s bedazzled hair look

Add some sparkle to your hair this summer...

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Noughties trends are back this summer and we are both terrified and excited in equal measure. Low-rise jeans are back in the shops, and cowboy boots and butterfly tops were everywhere at Coachella 2022. It was only time before they came for our hair... Drum roll, please.

We are proud to announce that hair stampers are back in fashion.

Yes, we know you just got violent flashbacks to sitting in your childhood bedroom, listening to S Club 7, sticking gems onto your plaits before heading out on your wheelies to Blockbusters. Deep breaths.

You load up a hair stamper with some adhesive gems and clamp away- leaving gorgeous little sparkly gems on your strands, which you can easily pop off at the end of the day.

Love Island host, Laura Whitmore, was seen rocking the style this week as she crashed the Love Island VIP party, with eager Twitter users desperate to know how to steal her look.

Bringing ourselves to the present moment, hair stampers are back in fashion once again, and we aren't complaining. Cue the trend going hella viral on TikTok, and Gen Z discovering the wonders of the Millennial's childhood...

Needless to say, the viral nature of the product means that it's selling out everywhere (especially the OG Blinger kits). It was available in Argos for £5, but the brand seems to be no longer stocking the item online. However, here's where you can still get hold of hair stampers online, so you can live your best Groovy Chick life.

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Hair Bedazzler Kit with 180 Hair Gems

Rrp: £16.99

Price: £10.99

Bizak 63228500 Study Diamond Collection

Rrp: £44.63

Price: £40


The instructions for this one are in Spanish, so... better dig out those GCSE skills. Also, the

Hair Bedazzler Kit with Hair Gems
Price: £5.99


This one doesn't yet have any reviews, so we can't say for sure how reliable the seller is.

If in doubt, there are plenty being sold on eBay right now - and it's safe to say that if you still have a '90s original in your attic, you should definitely dig it out.

Using hair stampers to accessorise with hair gems started back in the '90s, with the fashion iconic Phoebe Buffay donning tons of gems throughout her hair on Friends. From there, the trend took off into the Noughties, with hair stampers being sold everywhere so we could get the same bedazzled look. Phoebe, we salute you.

picture of phoebe buffay wearing hair gems
Phoebe knew how to rock the gemmed look. ©@NBC, Friends
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