Millie Court reveals secret hack to curling your hair with straighteners

The Love Islander offers up a beauty hack

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The Love Island 2022 winner has shared a beauty hack that is perfect for summer and we simply cannot get enough.

Millie Court was a style goddess during her time on the show, not only was she crowned the winner, alongside then-boyfriend Liam Reardon, but we were obsessed with every single one of her looks, including that gorge golden bob.

Since leaving the villa, Millie has continued to showcase her fashion queen ways and recently let her Instagram followers in with a two-to on creating the perfect beach wave and we are obsessed.

Millie makes the procedure look super simple with stunning results and it's a tried and tested technique you are going to be loving.

How to curl your hair with straighteners

Starting with a small section of hair, an inch or two should do the job, it all depends on how thick you want the waves.

Start at the top (by your head) and clamp down on the hair with the straightener, as if you're going to straighten like usual.

But instead, turn the straightener approx 180 degrees and slowly glide down the hair.

Make sure you don't press down too tight or pull down too hard on your hair.

Bouncy Curls

If you are after bouncy girls be sure to leave the front section of your hair free as you will need a slightly different technique. Don't worry it's still easy.

The below tutorial offers up a super simple way to achieve the bouncy curls that are currently trending. Think Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson circa 1994.

For this look, section hair off your hair and start with a slightly bigger section as the waves won't be as tight.

Star as if you will be straightening but instead do a FULL TURN before gliding down.

When it comes to the front section you will need to offer the same method in regards to turning but instead lift the straightener up and twist backwards over your head.

Make sure you run your fingers through to separate the curls and give the curls a shake to make them extra bouncy.

Beach Waves

In a method similar to Millie's, you use the straighteners in back-and-forth motion to create the beachy waves which give us serious festival hair energy.

Starting at the top, clamp down on your hair and move the straighteners under and out for the surfer look.

Don't remove the straightener as you move down the section of hair but keep applying the heat, tucking it under and out again as you go.

Mermaid Waves

An easy and super cute style is the mermaid waves which involves plaiting your hair into five or six sections and holding the straighteners over the plaits.

Tips for curling with flat iron/straighteners

There are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to using straighteners to give your hair a soft curl or full-on waves.

DON'T pull too hard when gliding down and creating the curl.

DO pin the curl after to help it keep its shape.

DO use heat protection spray whenever using straighteners on your hair.

Flat Iron vs. Straighteners: which is better?

It depends on a few things including your hair type, how patient you are and how much you care for those precious locks.

A flat iron gets hotter than a straightener and therefore works quicker but is much more damaging.

It is also more effective for those with thick, frizzy or coarse hair purely because there is more heat.

There are countless ways to use straighteners or a flat iron to create any number of waves, curls and kinks and all these methods should work wonders on all hair lengths.

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