How to get killer brows like Kendall and Kylie

Sometimes an eyebrow makeover is all you need!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner selfie

by Andy White |

Kendall and Kylie have both had some major look changes over the years, especially when it comes to their brows. From bleached to bushy, arched to straight, eyebrows can make a huge difference in your appearance, and if you're looking for a change, then it might be time for an eyebrow makeover.

Brow specialist Shavata Singh says: "Never underestimate the difference a professionally groomed brow makes. It is the equivalent to a mini-facelift, giving structure to your face as well as accentuating the effect of your eyes."

So, once we've arched our brows like Kendall, how can we further emphasise our new feature?

"A brow pencil is an essential addition to your make-up bag," advises Shavata. "In my opinion everyone needs brow make-up. Without it, the totally groomed look cannot be perfected.

Pencils are great for women who want to draw in a shape. Shadow is best for women who want to colour the hair and the skin - for example, should you want to cover up a few grey hairs."

Below we've listed the best products on the market to achieve your dream eyebrows. Don't forget to scroll down further for a step-by-step process on how to achieve the arched and straight eyebrow looks.

All the products you need for perfect brows:

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Now that you're all kitted out, you can big up your brow by following these steps below.

Arched Brows

Pull skin taut and tweezer any strays on the outer brow.

Arched brow

Fill in any gaps using a small brush and brow perfector.

Arched brow

Use a highlighter directly below the brow to enhance the arch.

Arched brow

The finished look!

Arched brow

Straight Brows

Brush brow out and down to tame.

Straight brow

Pluck any strays at the base of the brow closest to your nose.

Straight brow

Using a sharp eyebrow pencil, fill in and shape the brow.

Straight brow

The finished look!

Straight brow

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