I tried the sellout dry shampoo with over 93,000 reviews – here’s what I thought

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by Jade Moscrop |

Dry shampoo is a staple in any #lazygirl's beauty arsenal - it's something we just can't live without. Our go-to for refreshing hair between washes, a good dry shampoo can be a total game-changer, so when I heard about one with over 93,000 reviews, I was all ears.

Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo, if you can get hold of it, is rumoured to be one of the best dry shampoos on the market. Redditors, TikTokers and Instagrammers all agree that it's a product that should have pride of place on your #shelfie.

What makes it so special? It's enriched with sea buckthorn berry and rice starch - not aluminium or talc - which makes it residue-free and ideal for all hair colours. Unable to resist the hype, I had to get my hands on it to test it out, and I was not disappointed.

What is amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo like, honestly?

I usually wash my hair two or three times a week, depending on what I've got going on. Like many of us, I loathe the entire process. It's not so much the washing, but the drying, styling and inevitable bad weather are all enough to make me wince.

My usual dry shampoo is the iconic Batiste (the Floral & Flirty Blush one is my fave), but I sometimes find it creates too much of a product build-up on my scalp (despite only spraying it on my roots), leaving me head-scratchingly irritated. Plus, I can't ignore the powdery white residue that ends up on my almost entirely black wardrobe. So, can amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo solve my problems?

Upon first use, I fell IN LOVE with the scent of it. It's reminiscent of perfume, smelling sweet but not overpowering. Spraying it on my roots, I worked it through my hair easily and found that my hands and clothes weren't covered in the usual white powder that comes with other dry shampoos.

After brushing, my hair was SO soft, and it didn't have that crispy feeling that some dry shampoos give it. The lush smell also lasted, keeping my hair smelling fresh.

Amika perk up dry shampoo review
©Photo: Closer

The best part? I didn't end up with any scalp build-up, and my hair felt totally refreshed, weightless and volumised all week.

On the second day of use, I did spot a tiny bit of residue later on in the day, discovered after messing with my hair and touching my leggings with my hands. However, it's not nearly as much as with other brands and was brushed away easily.

It is a bit pricier than your average product, coming in at around £20 at most retailers. But can you really put a price on the joy of not washing your hair? There is a smaller, travel-sized bottle for around £5, and you only need a small amount of product to see you through, so I think it's worth the investment.

It's also vegan and cruelty-free, free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, talc, mineral oil, sodium chloride, petrolatum AND breathes artificial colours. Bonus.

Regularly sold out across retailers such as Selfridges, Space NK, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay, and with over 93,000 reviews internationally, if you can manage to get your hands on it, I'll put money on the fact that it'll be the only dry shampoo you ever use from now on. The hype is real. Very real.

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Top tips for using dry shampoo

• Spray directly onto roots for volume

• Apply before bed to defeat greasiness before it even begins

• Don't spray it too close to your scalp

Exfoliate your scalp between uses to avoid product build-up

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