A genius tip for ‘avoiding cakey make-up’ is going viral on TikTok

"It's all about how you hold your brush"

Two genius tips for 'avoiding cakey make-up'

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Since TikTok came into our lives, we've been blessed with a multitude of holy grail products we couldn't imagine living life without. From the Dove Beauty Cream Bar to COSRX Snail Mucin Essence, we're hooked on all the LIFE-CHANGING beauty hacks and these two genius tips are our new obsession.

The latest beauty tip making its rounds reveals just how to avoid cakey makeup with just two simple yet genius tips - and we're obsessed. Cakey makeup plagues us ALL, and anything to reduce the number of times we ask our besties 'does my makeup look cakey?' we're here for it.

Makeup artist PaintedbySpencer took to TikTok to reveal how to get a flawless makeup finish every time, and spoiler alert... it starts with your skincare.

Our makeup is only as good as our skincare and before you even attempt a flawless finish, your skin has to be in tip-top condition. Spencer's first tip is crucial, he highlights any dry skin needs to "be taken care of beforehand, if its not the makeup products are going to look even worse."

His crucial top tip is to exfoliate before any makeup application, Spencer recommends the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, £35.20 for the best pre-makeup exfoliation.

For the best cleanse Spencer recommends you "apply a thick layer, leave it on for five to 10 minutes, and then wipe it right off." This then helps to "soften the top layer of dead skin cells" for the smoothest surface for your makeup to sit on.

The second crucial step to avoid cakey makeup may sound slightly controversial to beauty gurus, but after years of being told to buff our foundation, Spencer says this is a no-go.

He highlights if you're using a brush, avoid any circular motions, the bristles of the brush as you buff it in are prone to going under any dry flakes of skin, causing them to lift up off the surface. "This causes more texture and cake-i-ness", so no buffing girls if you're looking for a flawless base.

What you actually want to do for your foundation, concealer and any base product is "tap, tap, tap everything in", this avoids raising any dry skin that can lead to a cakey-looking base.

Two genius tips for 'avoiding cakey make-up'

1. Exfoliate your skin beforehand - in a way that doesn’t strip it of its natural oils

2. Always tap and press your products in - use a sponge for best results

Spencer also mentions, that when applying foundation or concealer, "using a sponge is all that better."

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Tapping doesn't just go for your liquid products either, Spencer recommends pressing in most products, from "powder bronzers, translucent setting powder, powder blushes, same effect."

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