Love Island’s Wes Nelson reveals his ‘everyday’ Tom Ford dupe and it’s CHEAP AF

How to smell like a Love Island HUNK without breaking bank...

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Love Island's Wes Nelson: girls want to be with him and guys want to be him. Right? Well, no, if you're a single gay journalist like me it's a little of both, actually. Ever since I laid eyes on him on the downright iconic Love Island 2018, I've thought – that hunk looks and smells expensive/swoon.

Wes Nelson
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Megan Barton Hanson and Arabella Chi's superstar ex admits to being a fan of the expensive colognes and while the musician can definitely afford to pay the big bucks for the sexiest smells on the high street, even Wes has realised there are cheaper than chips identical dupes out there.

During an exclusive chat with heat, Wes brought our attention to the Tom Ford dupe he swears by these days, and it's literally a steal, and courtesy of a very unlikely scents brand (no shade, but I'm a bit gagged - not because of the smell, FYI).

In a chinwag on Zoom, where Wes could clearly tell I was blushing a sexy plum colour in his presence, he explained, "I've spent more on fragrances... well, it's bad. It's a big, big number, my dad looks over my accounts – he knows. I've gone a bit nuts.

Wes Nelson
Wes Nelson ©Photo by Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

"For me, smelling great is such a big thing – it does help. For me, especially with this new fragrance, it smells so luxury."

And this is the mysterious dupe he's talking about... Lynx Fine Fragrance in Black Vanilla. The best part? It's just £3.75 on Amazon.

A few hours before our chat, Lynx was revealed as the mastermind behind a fragrance proven to rival a scent by one of the world’s most prestigious brands. According to a recent study, Lynx's new Black Vanilla scent, one of the scents from the brand’s all-new Fine Fragrance Collection and one that Wes swears by, has triumphed over Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, with an impressive 74% of men favouring Lynx over the designer fragrance priced at a hefty £294.

Lynx's new Fine Fragrance Collection
Lynx's Fine Fragrance Collection ©Lynx

Okay, so not quite a dupe, but with almost two-thirds of blokes favouring this new Lynx smell over Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille – and me knowing that Wes smells like the former – I'm sold.

So what makes Lynx’s very first Fine Fragrance Collection smell so sexy? Apart from Wes, obv. Well, it's been formulated by world-renowned perfumers from two of the globe’s premier fragrance houses responsible for some of the industry's top fragrances, Firmenich and Givauden, combining over 20 essential oils across the portfolio and premium ingredients such as amber and musks. Sounds sexy.

Consisting of five scents in 150ml aerosol cans – Black Vanilla, Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage and Copper Santal – each scent has been crafted to smell as fine as a cologne, with the protection of a deodorant.

Wes with his new fave fragrance
Wes with his new fave fragrance ©Lynx

And did we mention these body sprays are between £3.75 and £5 on Amazon? Sorry, Tom, but we're in a cost of living crisis.

Also this way we can smell Wes all day and it's not weird.

Find the Lynx Fine Fragrance Collection online and in store at retailers across the UK.

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