An ode to Love Quinn’s outfits and how to recreate them from the high-street

Because her wardrobe is a killer, and so is she…🪓

You's Love Quinn outfits

by Ruby Barry |

Ok, so who has recovered from season three of You? Yep, us neither.

Coming into the newest season on Netflix, everyone knew that Joe would soon be up to his old ways, because how many times has that man said he’s changed, and then when the next episode starts, he’s already donned that stupid blue cap?

But who knew Love Quinn herself would do more damage than the original stalker? We lost count of how many people the bakery queen knocked off during this season but Love certainly had her hands full... of weapons... to kill people. Yeah, it was a lot.

As ecstatic as we are to see the messy married life of Joe and Love in season three, we are equally as excited and intrigued by Love’s wardrobe, after she stunned us with her clothes in season two. No disappointments here - her outfits in season three are INCREDIBLE. Cue everyone desperately trying to find out what brands she’s wearing and where they can buy them.

Luckily for you, we're here to show You wink exactly what outfits she's wearing in each scene. Warning: it’s a Hollywood TV set, so the brands are expensive. To help you out, alongside the originals, we’ve found some fantastic dupes from high-street brands that are affordable, so we can all dress like Love Quinn. Just without the bloodstains...

CHECK OUT: Love Quinn's season three clothes and how to replicate them on the high-street

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Love Quinn's clothes and how to replicate them from the high-street

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CREDIT: Netflix

We're starting off with the gorgeous cardigan Love wears while getting to know the Madre Linda residents. Why does every female character on You become friends with awful social leeches? Aren't there any regular females in that universe?

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CREDIT: Anthropology

Original: The original cardigan actress Victoria Pedretti wore in this scene was the Lucy Textured Cardigan from Anthropology. It's currently out of stock, but here are some great dupes. Currently OOS

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CREDIT: Anthropology

Dupe: Why not get a comfy cardigan, also from Anthropology, with a similar striped pattern? It's a bit on the expensive side, so scroll down to see some cheaper options.

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CREDIT: Monsoon

Dupe: Another great striped option from Monsoon.

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CREDIT: Light In The Box

Dupe: So fluffy ud83dude0d

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CREDIT: Netflix

I know we were supposed to be worried for Love and the outcome of her pregnancy test, but we were distracted by this bomb-ass outfit. Check out what she wore below.

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Original: Love wears this beautiful silk lace blouse from Urban Outfitters. Although it is currently OOS on the website, you can rent a light pink version of the blouse from Nuuly.

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CREDIT: Stradivarius

Dupe: Wear a version of her gorgeous satin blouse at half the price.

Alice-and-Olivia Good-Belted-Skinny-Ankle-Jeans-love-quinn-you-season-3
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CREDIT: Bloomingdale's

Original: On her bottom half, Love wears these tied jeans. This item is out of stock, but we've got budget-friendly alternatives below. Currently OOS

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CREDIT: Missguided

Dupe: Paperbag isn't a sexy way to describe a pair of jeans, but they look cute regardless.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Oh to have Dottie Quinn for a mother... we would rather gouge our eyes out. We would be glugging the wine down too, Love. Here's how Pedretti's outfit was made.

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CREDIT: Mytheresa

Original: In the show, Love is wearing a Zimmermann number, and yes you read that right - £550! If you'd like to spend a little less on the dress, check out our alternatives below.

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CREDIT: Boohoo

Dupe: Get a similar playsuit, but for £535 less - your purse will thank you.

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CREDIT: Made well

Original: Love wears this gold paper chain necklace a lot throughout the series. Perhaps it's a metaphor about how much she's trying to hold things together? She didn't succeed there ud83dudc40.

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CREDIT: Amazon

Dupe: Alternatively, go for this cheaper (but just as chic) paper clip necklace from Amazon, where you can also get a matching bracelet.

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CREDIT: Mu00f3 Eyewear

Original: Finishing off with these swanky glasses which made quite a few appearances in You. If you're looking for a more accessible option, keep scrolling...

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CREDIT: Superdry

Dupe: These patterned sunglasses are a great replacement, and give us 100% Quinn child energy.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Remember this episode where the couples were playing charades and Joe was monologing about how in sync Love and himself were? Yes, laughable, we know. Anyway, here is what Love wore...

Elia-Pants MISA-Los-Angeles brand:MISA-Los-Angeles-love-quinn-season-3-charades-co-ord
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CREDIT: Revolve

Original: Although the top is currently OOS, you can still buy the trousers from MISA Los Angeles. They're on sale right now, but they are still a little pricey. Check out our dupes below. Top is currently OOS

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Dupe: Get the same Love Quinn airy-fairy vibe with this co-ord set from ASOS.

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

Dupe: Here's another great option from PLT, with this beautiful abstract print. You can buy the top here...

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

Dupe: And the trousers here.

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CREDIT: Netflix

What is a good villain without a fancy robe? We love the dressing gown Love wears in this scene, and so we scoured the internet to find it...

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CREDIT: Anthropology

Original: The original robe actress Victoria Pedretti wore in this scene was the Tamarin Mint Robe from Anthropology. It's currently out of stock, but we've found some great dupes below. Currently OOS

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CREDIT: La Redoute

Dupe: This number is made from "pure cotton voile, patterned with flowers" and is ultra-luxurious.

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Dupe: Or how about you try this kimono-style robe from Cotton Weavers? And it has pockets. IT HAS POCKETS.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Ok, so who else was obsessed with this dress? The costume department killed this look, so we went searching down the rabbit hole (pun intended ud83dudc07) to find out how they did it...

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CREDIT: @daniellelaunzel

Original: Bad news folks. The wonderful costume designer Danielle Launzel made this Alice in Wonderland dress from scratch! We can't stay mad though, it's too pretty. However, if you want to wear a similar dress for your next gala, scroll to see alternatives we have found.

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Dupe: This dress is worthy of being compared to Danielle's awesome creation, and has the same ethereal design as the original.

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

Dupe: For a slightly more understated look, go with this chic dress from PLT, with lace galore.

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CREDIT: & Other Stories

Dupe: We won't even bother showing you the original Pearl Drop Earrings Love wears in this scene. Why? Because they're from Target - all the way in the US of A! Curses. Anyway, these lovely earrings from & Other Stories replicates them perfectly.

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CREDIT: Netflix

This look describes the character of Love perfectly. Just slightly off the shoulder, aka slightly off the cliff of sanity... Here's the original shirt and earrings used.

Silvia-Tcherassi Striped-One-Shoulder-Puff-Sleeve-Blouse-love-quinn-season-3-off-the-shoulder-white-shirt
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CREDIT: Saks Fifth Avenue

Original: Although the original shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue is currently OOS, the price tag of £200 made us cry a little. So here are some affordable alternatives below. Currently OOS

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CREDIT: Free People

Dupe: Such a gorgeous top from Free People; casual and chic.

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CREDIT: Boohoo

Dupe: Or get this option from Boohoo for just £9.60.

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CREDIT: Made Well

Original: Love's earrings may not currently be available, but always come back to check as we'll update this piece. However, in the meantime, check out this great dupe...Currently OOS

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Dupe: You can also measure a portion of spaghetti through these earrings... just saying.

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CREDIT: Netflix

Oh Love, how we are going to miss you. The internet is alive with theories about how our murderous queen could still be alive - we've got our fingers crossed. Here's how to recreate her final look.

L'AGENCE Jamie-Cropped-Cardigan-love-quinn-season-3-death-scene-cardigan-outfit
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CREDIT: Saks Fifth Avenue

Original: Another item from Saks Fifth Avenue, and another original item that's out of stock. Never fear, we've got some fantastic dupes below.Currently OOS

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

Dupe: Although slightly darker in colour, this chocolate brown cardigan is sexy AF and a great alternative.

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Dupe: Or, if you want more of a casual cardigan vibe, this option is perfect. You've gotta stay casual whilst poisoning your stalker husband. Right?

Now go on and live your Love Quinn life with your new wardrobe. Actually don't live your life like Love... yeah, that's a terrible idea. Live a normal life with no murders and lots of gluten-filled muffins.

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You: will there be a season four on Netflix?

It has already been confirmed by Netflix that You will indeed have a season four. So, that means we have another series of Joe's escapades to look forward to in Paris, the city of love. Hopefully, the actual Love won't come back to stalk him. Or maybe we do want that, because when will Joe finally get his comeuppance?

In an interview with Deadline, showrunner Sera Gamble said "The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in season four". Bad news for the ladies of Paris. Run whilst you can!

Netflix announced the news with this incredible teaser trailer. We're so excited 😍.

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