The best of the Victoria Beckham AW collection and our fave high street dupes

Because honestly, who has £500 lying about 🤷

Victoria Beckham AW 2020 collection

by Lucy Smith |

So, you like browsing designer collections that you most probably won't be able to afford? Us too, welcome.

There's no denying the fact that every item Victoria Beckham designs looks boujee AF but, that doesn't mean we all have the six-figure-salary to afford such heavenly fashion.

From shearling jackets to double denim, Victoria by Victoria Beckham (or VVB, for short) does not disappoint this autumn/winter. In the high-fashion world, this collection dropped several months ago, but for those of us scouring the internet for the high street dupes, now is the time to get shopping.

Thankfully for us, our fave high street brands have been very much on the money with the dupes this year and, thankfully for you, we've put together a list of the very best.

Strap in, your bank account's about to go for a ride 😎.

Check out: the best dupes from the VVB AW 2020 collection

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All the best high street dupes from Victoria Beckham's Autumn/Winter collection

dupe for victoria beckham's logo sweatshirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Amazon

This Amazon sweatshirt is a barGAIN and a perfect lookalike shape-wise for VB's version. We can't get enough, plus, it costs £200 less ud83dudc81‍♀ufe0f.

Mango dupe for Victoria Beckham's leather fur jacket
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Mango

This MANGO dupe is a perfect winter find and, tbh, for almost TWO GRAND less than VB's designer beauty, we think we'd rather the relaxed fit ud83dude02.

New look dupe for Victoria Beckham's button-detail jacket
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/New Look

This NEW LOOK blazer dupe is so Cher from Clueless and we are HERE for it. It's super sleek and it's less than £50 - a win, win.

Very dupe for Victoria Beckham's Denim Shirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Very

This VERY dupe for Victoria Beckham's Denim Shirt is lightweight and the perfect piece for layering under a chunky winter coat. Why wouldn't you add this to your basket?

dupe for victoria beckham's tailored jacket
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Amazon

This sleek suit jacket gives chic, professional vibes for over £350 less than its VB counterpart. Need we say more?

River Island dupe for Victoria Beckham's Pleated Bib Shirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/River Island

This RIVER ISLAND number is so fancy and we love it. Another day to night find from yours truly, and one that comes at a bargain price that's £232 less than VB's.

River Island dupe for Victoria Beckham's abstract squiggle jumper
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/River Island

At only £35, this jumper from RIVER ISLAND is a breath of fresh air for our bank accounts. Honestly, nobody has that much money, VB x.

dupe for Victoria Beckham's abstract squiggle jumper
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/ASOS

We are feeling this ASOS DESIGN dupe. It's extra cosy, extra stylish and extra bargainous. What more could a girl ask for?

Dupe for Victoria Beckham's twill shirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Topshop

This TOPSHOP number is just great. It's classy and flamboyant, and we're sure it'll go down well in both the workplace and well... your next drinks on Zoom ud83dude0e Go on, hun.

Dupe for Victoria Beckham's wide-leg trousers
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Nasty Gal

These trousers are iconic. So much swish and flow and, if VB approves so do we... but only for half the price.

Dupe for Victoria Beckham's white t-shirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Boohoo

Fancy saving £84.50 with this BOOHOO dupe? Us too. Treat yo' self.

dupe for victoria beckham's cali jeans
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/H&M

These jeans come with an extra-high waist and relaxed fit so you can rest easy after your Sunday roast. Not to mention you'll save over £200. Can we get a "yes please?"

dupe for Victoria Beckham's leather trousers
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/ASOS

These straight-leg trousers achieve the same fitted waist effect as VB's with a cute drawstring tie, and they're over FIVE HUNDRED pounds cheaper. Wowee.

dupe for Victoria Beckham's denim midi skirt
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/ASOS

This Vila dupe from ASOS is almost an exact match for VB's - front split included - and we honestly think you should add it to your basket ASAP.

dupe for Victoria Beckham's draped neckline dress
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Missguided

If you ask us, this Missguided dupe is the perfect day to night look, just swap some tights for a bit of leg et voila. Plus, who has £340, anyway?

Dupe for Victoria Beckham's oversized contrast jumper
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Miss Selfridge

We love the flared sleeves on this cosy little Miss Selfridge number. It's the perfect working-from-home/loungewear combo. Dreamy.

Dupe for victoria beckham's san fran jeans
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CREDIT: Victoria Beckham/Topshop

Everybody loves a pair of Topshop jeans, and these flares are no exception. The perfect VB dupe for £185 less, what could be better?

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Victoria has been sharing the VVB collection on Instagram over the last few weeks but, we must say, it's not the only VB content we've been seeing.

Indeed, VB's AW collection has hit our screens amidst reports that she's not "too happy" about Louise Redknapp's recent confession that she would "snog" David Beckham (among others) if he was single.

"I'm very, very single," said Louise at a gig in London earlier this month.

Looks like our Victoria is asserting her dominance and tbh, we can't blame her.

If we had a hubby like David, we'd be clinging on for dear life.

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