Best sport headbands for women that are pretty and practical

10/10 from us.

Best sport headbands

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Fed up with having your hair stick to your face from sweat or have it jab you in the eye while you're exercising? We hear you.

If you're looking for health and fitness buys to help you live your best life, then the best sports headbands for women are one to watch. Don’t be quick to dismiss this often-overlooked sports accessory. Before putting headbands to the test, they weren't on our radar, let alone in our gym bags.

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Anything that will keep hair out of our way, please.

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Sports headbands you'll love

adidas Pink Headband1 of 8
CREDIT: Amazon

adidas Pink Headband

Forget pretty in pink, this cool headband screams bad boss. Not only will it keep your hair from jabbing you in the face, but it'll also look lit. It gets a 10/10 from us, especially when pairing with yoga pants.

Nike Training headband in pink2 of 8

Nike Training headband in pink

Nike's done it again with this gorgeous pink sweatband. It doesn't just look fire AF, but it's also useful as it'll sweeps your hair back perfectly. Headband goals, or what?

Gym Sports Yoga Headband3 of 8

Gym Sports Yoga Headband

If a no-frills, budget headband is what your after, you've struck gold with this one. Choose from 26 different colours and patterns, including neon green and tartan.

2 Pack Basic Headband4 of 8

2 Pack Basic Headband

There's nothing basic about this pack of headbands. As you can see, you don't even have to wear them at the gym. If they're good enough as an accessory for a burpee sesh in the living room, they should be good enough to rock on a walk around the local park.

Nike Elastic Mix Headband Three-Pack5 of 8

Nike Elastic Mix Headband Three-Pack

This three-pack of headbands is ideal for all training sessions. Designed with silicone taping on the inside they'll stay in place when it matters for a secure and snug fit throughout your workouts.

OSELEE Running Headband6 of 8

OSELEE Running Headband

Pick a thin band because it'll stay put, even if you're caught out running in the rain. Plus, you won't just get one either, as this pack comes with five sweat headbands. Winning.

Fly Away Tamer Headband7 of 8
CREDIT: Lululemon Athletica

Fly Away Tamer Headband

Are you looking for a headband that's designed with training in mind? Obviously, Lululemon is your go-to. We love that this feather pink option supports you in all the right places.

ASOS 4505 Run Headband8 of 8

ASOS 4505 Run Headband

Designed for running, this headband featured reflective details perfect for increasing visibility in low lighting.

Sportswear can sometimes be boring, right? Headbands are a quick and easy way to add a chic touch to your gym outfit. You'll be surprised with how many types of headbands there are tbh.

Here are some top ways to pull off the sports headband look, in case you have to open the door to the postie or nip to the shop half way through your session:

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Match a headband to your hair colour: Blend in, but stand out with a sports headband that matches your locks.

Sweep it all back: 70s fringes are so hot right now, but they can massively get in the way when exercising. If your hair is bothering you, sweep it back with one of our choices above.

Style across your forehead: A favourite Kardashian staple from the late 00s, wearing a headband across your forehead is a great way to ensure long hair is out of your way when practising yoga or whatever.

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