The best water bottles that you can buy in 2021

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Best water bottle

by Lily Anderson |

Now that you’re set up in your dining room, you can easily walk a few steps to grab a glass of water so why the hell would you buy one of the best water bottles? Great question! A water bottle is extremely versatile, and it can come with you anywhere. Yes, that’s right... You finally have an excuse to buy a cute AF bottle just because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

But, before you go shopping for your dream water bottler, we’ve found you the best gym shorts to wear now it’s (almost) summer and the best gym leggings which are completely squat proof, in case you need any more reasons to convince yourself. You’re welcome.

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The best gym shorts to wear now it's (almost) summer

All this working from home is thirsty work, right? When you finally get the chance to stretch your legs and go outside for your daily exercise, then you must keep hydrated by taking one of the best water bottles with you.

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