Mango drops its first ever activewear collection and it’s LIT

There's ballet leotards 😍

Mango The Wellbeing Community

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So, the gyms are finally open and your old activewear is looking a bit drab? Ours, too.

But, good things are evidently on the horizon because Mango has launched its first ever activewear collection and it is a "going for a coffee in my activewear" (anyone remember that video?) DREAM.

Titled The Wellbeing Community, Mango's new collection includes everything from gym leggings to ballet wraps, and it's all classy AF.

All the fabrics look so soft (AHEM, there's a cashmere blend in the mix) and the silhouttes have been designed perfectly to accentuate your shape so you feel, to quote Lizzo, good as hell.

Plus, if you ask us, half of the pieces could easily double up as loungewear. And, let's be honest, who hasn't been living in loungewear these past months?

The collection comes in sizes small, medium and large and starts at £15.99.

Ready, set, SHOP.

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Ballet wrap T-shirt1 of 9

Ballet wrap T-shirt

If you were thinking about following the Victoria's Secret models in their Ballet Beautiful classes then this is the exact wrap you'll want to wear. It's sleek, it's chic - it's the classiest gym-wear we've ever seen, tbh.

Ribbed cotton shorts2 of 9

Ribbed cotton shorts

These are just downright handy to own. You can wear them at the squat rack, you can add them to your loungewear collection, you can slip them on under a dress as a nifty Skims dupe - the possibilities are endless.

Ribbed bodysuit3 of 9

Ribbed bodysuit

We LOVE this. The neckline is gorgeous and the ribbed fabric will bring out your shape and curves just perfectly. Plus, it defffinitely doubles up as loungewear, or even a date-night top, tbh.

Sporty crossover back bra4 of 9

Sporty crossover back bra

Yes, yes, YES. We've been searching for a zip-up sports bra ever since we saw Molly-Mae's zip-up swimsuit on Love Island 2019 (yes, we've been searching for some time). This bra is sexy and functional, and it looks like it gives a little lift, too.

Squared neckline body5 of 9

Squared neckline body

Another classy number from Mango. We love this bodysuit for the gym, or home, or for a night out on the town, whatever floats your boat, really. The teal colour is just stunning and we haven't seen anything like it in an activewear collection. Go on, hun.

Ribbon cross-body top6 of 9

Ribbon cross-body top

We are so into beige at the moment and this bra is just the ticket. It's got a brill cross-body back to it and it looks good with or without a top. A perfect piece to add to our growing collection of neutrals ud83dude0d.

Sporty leggings7 of 9

Sporty leggings

Squat-proof gym beige? You've got to be kidding. adds to basket.

Sporty bra8 of 9

Sporty bra

We love a co-ord gym outfit, and this sports bra is no exception. With the beige sporty leggings you could mix and match between this and the cross body bra and you'd look picture perfect either way. Ugh, this collection is just chefs kiss.

Sporty crop T-shirt9 of 9

Sporty crop T-shirt

This long-sleeved top is great for those cold nights creeping in. We can't get enough of the unique mauve shade and it's giving us Gymshark realness at high-street prices. Yaas.

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