8 style lessons 90s Friends’ babe Rachel Green taught us



by Ellen Kerry |

To celebrate the momentous 46th birthday of Jennifer Aniston we’re going back in time to scrutinize her iconic Friends character Rachel Green.

Pampered princess Rach’s transition to coffee waitress with zero cash in the 90s was probably the best thing on tv. Probably.

Back then it was all about her hair. That bouncy, flicky and highlighted bonce was, at one point, the most requested cut at hairdressers everywhere.

Nowadays we’re more about her bangin’ 90s styling. And, though the 70s are going to be dominating style this year, we’re not quite ready to give up on 90s grunge just yet.

8 style lessons from fash queen Rachel Green

Sporty Spice


When Rach decided she needed to catch up on her “correspondence” she ditched her fancy frock and chucked on a Knicks grey sweat. Glossy ‘do, nude nails and an oversized boyf jumper? We died.


Rachel knew how to work dungarees better than ANYONE in the 90s. She did sporty, burgundy cord, preppy 'n' short and even sassy with a bralet. Ross stood no chance.

Not-so clueless

And you thought Cher Horowitz was first to the plaid kilt + knee socks party! Nu-uh, it was Green. Even Marcel the monkey approved. We’re sure that’s why he pooped in Mon’s shoe…

Waisted Waitress

Nothing shows off yoga-toned guns like a stiff denim waistcoat. Make like Rach and team your dreamy blue number with a Hamptons-style tan.

Layer Player

Somehow, layering a tight long-sleeved top under a strappy cami frock makes it one hundred times cooler. Green knew this a million light years ago.

Turtle Power

Rachel had the most impressive array of turtleneck tops EVER. She had velvet, cable knit, jersey… and she made them all werrrrrk. They were especially powerful under overalls.

Lounge Lover

When she wasn't strutting around in kilts and the like Rach was slobbing around Monica’s flat in the best boyish loungewear. Thick socks, checked pj pants and blokey sweaters = hot off-duty style.

Cap It Off

Baseball caps can totally look kewt! Just take a normcore black one and put it on backwards over sweet plaits a la RG.

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