Chloe Burrows breaks silence on Jake Cornish ‘feud’

He claimed they were no longer in contact, so what's really going on?

Chloe Burrows on Jake Cornish Feud

by Daisy Hall |

We were left gutted after hearing that the Love Island 2021 WhatsApp chat was “no longer” according to Jake Cornish, who revealed that he hadn’t heard from any of the girls since leaving the villa.

"I don’t speak to any of the girls. I think I’m a lone wolf that side. They’re there and I’ve just gone this way," he admitted last month.

Luckily, half of one of our favourite couples EVER (yep, we said it), Chloe Burrows, has squashed all rumours of a feud revealing that there was “no bad blood between anyone”.

Thank goodness for that, eh?

Speaking to, Chloe said, “I mean I literally got a message off him this morning so it’s definitely not me. There’s a big WhatsApp group but I don’t think people use it. I just feel like there were closer friendships in the villa and stuff which have stayed on the outside, but as far as I know, there’s no bad blood between anyone.

“I’ve literally messaged him this morning. Me and Jake are cool.”

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Chloe Burrows Love Island feud Jake Cornish
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She continued, “I feel like everyone could see in the villa who my really close friends are, Millie, Lucinda, Liam. I feel like they are who I’ve seen quite a lot on the outside of the villa.

“Everyone, even if you weren’t in at the same time, because you all share this crazy experience, you will easily get along with people. I know there’s friendships that have happened on the back of the show, but it does make sense.”

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They really are BFF goals.

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