Faye Winter and Teddy Soares open up about sex life and it sounds wild

The Love Island couple are about to celebrate their first Valentine's Day together

Faye Winter Teddy Soares bedroom

by Nathan Katnoria |

Somehow six months have passed since Love Island 2021 came to an end and we’re pleased to report that three out of the final four couples – winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon, runners-up Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran and third placers Faye Winter and Teddy Soares – are still going strong.

After moving into their first home together and with their first Valentine’s Day as a couple on the horizon, Faye and Teddy have admitted they’re still “wildly into each other” as they opened up about their sex life.

As she posed for new pictures in Lovehoney Lingerie, Faye revealed that maintaining a “good sexual relationship” was “super important” and insisted that “sex should not be a taboo subject”.

Faye Winter Teddy Soares bedroom
Faye is wearing Lovehoney Lingerie's Dark Orchid navy satin & lace chemise ©Lovehoney

The lettings agent turned reality TV star and influencer said, “I am a very strong and independent woman, and neither of us mind talking about sex. We know each other’s limits - we are both into trying new things but there is never any pressure.

“It is the one part of our relationship that no one else gets to see, it’s just us. People our age are having sex and there seems to be a taboo about talking about it.”

Faye Winter Teddy Soares bedroom
Faye in Lovehoney Lingerie's Sweet Love Pink Bra Set ©Lovehoney

She continued, “We have always been really affectionate. We are 26 and we both like sex.”

Teddy added, "Intimacy is a big thing in a relationship. We're just wildly into each other and I have not had that with anyone else. From day one in the villa, we have always felt that. Our intimacy was always right up there. We are in the public eye but we’ve never been shy about public displays of affection.”

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As for how her boyfriend boosts her confidence, Faye explained, “Teddy tells me I’m beautiful every single day. He loves it when I wear no makeup and his trackies. He does everything in his power to help with my confidence - he knows my insecurities and tells me they are the parts of me he loves the most.”

Teddy said, “Every day that I wake up she is bear hugging me. In the morning, I get a tea and I don’t even expect it. She just gets me. Behind closed doors, she is the first one who is there for me and I am experiencing a different level of intimacy. I have never had it before.’’

Faye Winter Teddy Soares bedroom
Teddy unboxing Lovehoney Lingerie's Sweet Love Pink Bra Set ©Lovehoney

Faye and Teddy’s latest comments come after she opened up about secret surgery after sparking concern with fans who noticed that she recently wore plasters on her stomach while shooting an ad campaign.

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In a YouTube video titled, “My Tummy Explained!!”, Faye explained that she’d had a mole removed from her body after consulting a dermatologist. She told her subscribers, “I am quite a moley person, always have been, always had moles and freckles. But one mole in particular has grown quite a bit since I went into the villa and was in the sun for all of summer."

Faye added, “I'm known for being in my bikini, I'm known, now, like obviously I do lingerie, which I love, I love doing lingerie because the brands that I work with really do help women of all shapes and sizes love their bodies and feel so confident. I'm going to have this scar on my tummy now maybe for life... but it's nothing in the grand scheme of things."

Faye and Teddy are working with the sexual wellness brand Lovehoney to spread sexual happiness this Valentine’s.

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