Olivia Attwood shares pic of ‘trash’ hair and no fillers and she’s honestly unrecognisable

The Love Island and TOWIE star has cancelled her wedding to Bradley Dack

Olivia Attwood before fillers

by Nathan Katnoria |

Olivia Attwood has given fans a rare glimpse into her past with a throwback snap of her looking frankly unrecognisable and we’re living for it.

The much-loved reality star, who has appeared on Love Island, TOWIE and even bagged her own fly-on-the-wall show Olivia Meets Her Match, recently took part in the “So I Give You A One” TikTok challenge which sees social media users share embarrassing old pictures and she showed just how much she’s changed since her pre-fame days.

Olivia looks dramatically different in the throwback picture as she sported dark eye makeup and “trash” hair that she’d bleached herself at home. The photo was also taken before Olivia had any cosmetic procedures.

Olivia Attwood before fillers
©Instagram/Olivia Attwood

Alongside the video, Olivia hilariously wrote, “Couple of things; 1. When @jenniferattwood_ used to tell me my home bleached hair looked trash, I genuinely thought it was because she was jealous 🥲."

She continued, “2. Black kohl eyeliners had me in a chokehold for most of my teens. 3. This one’s for the ‘yoU didn’t Need filLers’ trolls – I have seen more definition on a paper cut. Please take several seats.

“4. The eyebrows… what eyebrows? The end.” Oh, we’ve all been there babes.

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Olivia has been open about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done over the years, including a boob job and a £2.5k chin liposuction and contouring procedure. She’s also has regular Botox injections and previously told fans she’d been having fillers put into her lips for “five or six years” after getting the filler in her top lip dissolved back in January 2019.

Last year, Liv hit out celebrities who lie about going under the knife as she insisted, “So many people in this industry lie.” The 2017 Islander even claimed that some famous faces had said they haven’t had undergone any cosmetic procedures even though she’d seen them in waiting rooms.

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Olivia - who cancelled her wedding to footballer fiancé Bradley Dack for the second time last year - said, “Some people say I’m encouraging it, but from my side, I feel like honesty is really refreshing at the moment. So many people in this industry lie.

“I know people who’ve had things done and I see them in waiting rooms and then you see them on their Instagram saying they’d never have any work done.

“I would rather a young girl know that people aren’t necessarily born looking a certain way, rather than lie to young girls and confuse them. I don’t want to encourage girls to mess with themselves, because if you can be happy with yourself then that’s the best way.”

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