Love Island stars compliment ‘glowing’ Georgia Harrison following baby shower pics

The short-lived Towie star shared a series of 'gender reveal' snaps with Joshua Ritchie but has since denied she's pregnant

Georgia Harrison

by Daisy Hall |

Love Islander Georgia Harrison recently shared a sweet snap from her latest night out with Joshua Ritchie and the internet went a bit nuts.

And we have A LOT of questions...

Firstly, is Georgia pregnant? The snaps definitely seemed to hint at it as they featured her resting her hand on her stomach.

Secondly, are Joshua and Georgia dating?

Unfortunately the answer to the first question is no, although clearly we weren't the only ones confused as after the post went up, comments were turned off (very suspicious...) and Georgia was forced to deny all the rumours on her Instagram story.

She said, "I'm obvs not pregnant we was just lolling because I held my belly for some reason in half the pics 😂"

Georgia then shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with Josh where she had said, "why am I holding my belly like that it looks like its our baby shower".

As to the answer to our second question... that still hasn't been addressed but we're kind of hoping yes, especially Joshua has recently revealed that he'd been a bit of a 'tw-t' in his past relationships and has come along way since then.

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Shortly after sharing these dramatic 'baby shower' photos, Georgia shared a fun reel of her getting ready in a 00s inspired outfit, complete with chunky belt and clashing patterns.

And, as many of her followers were quick to comment, she looked incred.

Fellow Love Islander Kaz Crossley commented, "Glowing. You are just 🔥🔥🔥🔥" whilst Rebecca Gormley wrote, "This is a vibe 🔥" to which Georgia replied saying, "thanks baby g xxx".

We agree.

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