Love Island’s Hugo Hammond throws shade at Chloe Burrows

The TikTok comments are SAVAGE

Chloe Burrows Hugo Hammond

by Ben Pulsford |

Hugo Hammond and Chloe Burrows might have spent a few scorching weeks coupled up (ish) in the Love Island 2021 villa together, but now the only thing scorching between the pair seems to be the shade they're throwing at each other 🔥.

We never thought we'd see this happen, especially after Hugo's ICONIC re-coupling speech after Toby Aromolan ditched her for Abi Rawlings.

You know like that kind of horrible holiday shade where it's so chuffin' hot out that even the shade is unbearable? You won't get burned by it, but it's still uncomfortable and gross. The writer of this article is ginger, so has some opinions on this.

Our flying social media monkeys have learned that Hugo is beefing with Chloe following CHOICE comments she made about him and his new girlfriend, Molly Wilkins, on Elle Brooke's podcast, Saving Grace.

On the pod, host Elle said, "Apparently [Hugo] is dating this girl from Bristol now".

To which Chloe answered, "Yes, he is".

Elle then asked, "Is she quite young?"

To which Chloe responded, with a cheeky smirk on her face, "She's 12.

"No, she's young. She's like 19."

To top things off, the podcast, which is also filmed for YouTube, was littered with occasional, subtle jibes and jokes aimed in Hugo's general direction. Subtle like a brick through a window - but this is why we heart Chloe on a podcast.

Can anyone else hear that shade rattle from Drag Race going off? Well, there's every chance Hugo and Molly did, as they clapped back with some passive aggressive shade on TikTok pretty swiftly.

Hugo Hammond Chloe Burrows

In response to a cutesy relationship montage video posted by Hugo, Molly commented, "also I'm 21 not 19 x".

To which Hugo commented (get ready), "Mid behaviour on that podcast from people that don't know you 👀."

Just in case one or two of you are 'Love Island old' like us and Jay Younger, 'mid' is an insult to degrade an opposing opinion, so we're thinking we can officially call this a Love Island feud as of right now.

In the same comment thread, one TikTok user decided to cheer poor Hugo up by paying his new girlfriend a buttery compliment, saying they thought she was Northern Irish TikTok and YouTube star Olivia Neil.

To which Hugo responded, "she gets that a lot, aren't I lucky".

If you need us, we'll be waiting patiently for Chloe to catch Hugo's shade.

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