Jack Fincham confuses fans with rare snap of daughter Blossom

After baby mama Casey Ranger slams ‘doting dad act’

Jack Fincham

by Nathan Katnoria |

Jack Fincham has shared an adorable selfie with baby daughter Blossom, just weeks after he was slammed by baby mama Casey Ranger who claimed he’d only seen the little one three times in eight months in a scathing Twitter rant.

The Love Island star has now posted a snap of Blossom for the first time since Casey hit out at him on social media, but some fans have been left confused as to when the photo was actually taken.

Jack uploaded the post with the caption, “Lockdown 2, sending positive vibes and lots of love. Stay strong we’ve got this,” with some of his followers assuming the picture was taken recently but others claimed it was actually an old photo.

When one fan commented, “Glad you’re seeing her again,” another of Jack’s followers replied, “He’s not, it’s a photo from June.”

Another wrote, “When’s the last time you actually saw your daughter though? Cos this picture is old! Bit annoying if you’re not actually helping to raise her, Jack.”

This led Jack to respond directly, and while he didn’t address when the picture was taken, he replied, “What’s it got to do with you? Don’t comment on situations or people you don’t know anything about.”

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Jack said he was “loving being a dad” when he appeared on reunion show Love Island: What Happened Next earlier this month, however Blossom’s mum later took to Twitter to accuse him of putting on a “deceiving act”.

“…After keeping quiet for so long I now feel like I'm being backed into a corner and have no option but to speak up for the sake of my little girl and my own peace of mind,” Casey began.

“It was extremely difficult to watch Jack speak about Blossom on the TV show earlier this week, he spoke in such a deceiving way that tried to present himself as a 'father'. A father who hasn't gone out of way once to buy his daughter a teddy bear.”

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She continued, "Anyone who watched it may have been fooled, but the truth is, he's seen Blossom three times in eight months! The image on his phone (that he kissed on the show) was a photo I'd sent to his mum…

"It angers me how someone in the public eye can easily twist & manipulate a situation, especially one that involves my daughter.

“I will not tolerate Jack using Blossom's name to try and rebuild his public profile as a 'dad' and I think it's only right to speak the truth he puts on such a deceiving act.”

Jack announced the surprising news that he'd become a dad for the first time in January, nine months after splitting from Dani Dyer. At the time he opened up about keeping to pregnancy under wraps to protect Blossom and her mum Casey, a long-term friend of his.

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