Love Island’s Joe Garratt reveals heavenly new back tattoo

The sometimes Towie star unveiled his new ink on Instagram and talked about his 'serious relationship' with God

Joe Garratt neck tattoo

by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island heartthrob Joe Garratt has revealed a new tattoo on Instagram dedicated to a special relationship in his life.

The 2019 Islander has had a cross inked on the back of his neck to represent his relationship with God and showed it off for the first time on social media as he opened up about his faith.

Joe posed for a video to show off the tattoo and soundtracked it with the song Photosynthesis by American rapper Saba, which features the lyrics, “How you lonely in a room with God?”

In the caption, he explained, “I’ve wanted this tattoo for as long as I can remember! Something I rarely speak about on my socials is my faith as I try to keep things as funny and light hearted as possible on here.

“I would also never want to push my beliefs onto others as I would expect others not to push their faith or lack of onto me… However, personally, I am very serious and proud about my relationship with God.”

Joe continued, “He’s been there for me in my darkest times, never leaving me to be alone. Having him walk by my side everyday is truly a blessing 🙏.”.

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Joe’s Love Island pals complimented his tattoo in the comments section including Theo Campbell, who wrote, “Good choice 👏👏🔥”.

He was also praised by his followers for opening up his religion, with one writing, “It takes a man to post that! I know what you mean 🙌❤️”.

Another added, “Amen brother! Love it! Always knew there was something about you haha honestly man proud of you dude. Been following you since Love Island. Be blessed my brother!”

Joe Garratt Towie
Joe and Frankie Sims had a date in a church during his time in Towie ©ITV

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Last year, Joe shared rare footage of his pre-Love Island body transformation in a TikTok video titled, “I grew facial hair.”

The reality star previously admitted he’d been “friendzoned” in the past because of his “chubbier” appearance. He explained, “In my school days, I didn’t worry about looking good or anything like that, but then I got a bit older. I injured my knee in rugby and had surgery and pushed it a bit far and gained a bit of weight.

“Then I realised, actually, I’m unfit and it’s time to be healthy, so started eating lots more fruit and veg and it started falling off. I went from Friend Zone Joe to suddenly, 'who are you?'"

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