Molly-Mae Hague opens up about recent pregnancy scare

The Love Island star has admitted that she and boyfriend Tommy no longer use contraception

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The thought of Love Island golden couple Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury starting a family, getting married and living happily ever after fills us with so much joy.

Since getting together on the 2019 series of the ITV2 show, the pair are still obsessed with each other. On Valentine's Day 2022, Tommy paid tribute to his girl as they enjoyed a romantic stay in London, simply saying, “You and me forever ❤️ 14/02/22.”

Molly and Tommy have made no secret of the fact they want to start a family together, and Molly even admitted in her latest YouTube video that she was recently forced to take a pregnancy test because her period was late.

In the vlog, Molly, 22, said she “freaked out” but confirmed that the test came back negative. A couple of days later, her period arrived and she revealed that she was in "unbearable pain" due to her endometriosis.

She said, "I am so premenstrual, it's a joke.

"I was meant to come on my period like four days ago - it's so late. I'm not going to lie, I did take a pregnancy test today.

"I'm never late on my period. I'm literally never late on my period but the pregnancy test was negative, obviously. I wouldn't be sat here having this conversation if it was positive."

"I'm really very hot, very needy, and I just want to eat bad things."

CHECK OUT Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's relationship timeline


Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague relationship timeline slider

Tommy Fury1 of 31
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

June 2019: Tommy Fury enters the Love Island villa

Just hours after the first 10 Islanders stepped foot in the villa, professional boxer Tommy Fury entered as the first bombshell, alongside dancer Curtis Pritchard.

Molly-Mae Hague2 of 31
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June 2019: Molly-Mae meets Tommy for the first time

On Day Four of Love Island 2019, model and social media influencer Molly-Mae Hague entered the villa, catching the eye of many of the boys, including Tommy!

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

June 2019: Molly-Mae picks Tommy to go on a date

After seeing him on screen for a number of days before entering the villa, Molly-Mae chose Tommy as her first date, in the outdoor hot tub! The pair clearly hit off from the get go, with Tommy even turning up with a red rose!

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

June 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy couple up

Despite both Tommy and Molly-Mae having interest from more than one person in the villa, the pair chose to couple up during the first re coupling of the 2019 series.

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

June 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy have their first argument

After bombshell Maura Higgins entered the villa and appeared to turn Tommy's head, the pair had their first heated argument when Molly-Mae felt Tommy was prioritising Maura over her. However, it turns out Maura's arrival actually made the pair stronger, with Molly-Mae realising her true feelings for Tommy.

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June 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy share their first kiss

After putting the Maura drama behind them, Tommy and Molly-Mae stayed coupled up and later took their romance to the next level, sharing their first kiss at the fire pit!

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June 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy enjoy their first official date

Tommy and Molly-Mae were able to get to know each other even further when they went on their first ever date away from the villa. The pair went horse riding, with Tommy even singing Molly-Mae a song!

CASA AMOR8 of 31
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June 2019: Tommy pined for Molly-Mae during Casa Amor

After Molly-Mae left toy elephant (Ellie Belly) on Tommy's bed whilst she went off to Casa Amor, Tommy couldn't stop thinking about the model, melting viewers hearts in the process.

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

June 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy are reunited

Following a few days apart when Molly-Mae headed over to Casa Amor, Love Island viewers were left in tears of joy when both Tommy and Molly-Mae stayed faithful to each other, reuniting in one of the most beautiful moments of Love Island history.

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

July 2019: Tommy and Molly-Mae make it official

With the help from his fellow Islanders and BFF Curtis, Tommy asked Molly-Mae to be his girlfriend, writing her a cute little note from Ellie Belly. With the whole villa watching on, Tommy declared his feelings for Molly-Mae, with the couple making things official.

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

July 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy become parents (kind of)

Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship was put to the test during the annual parenting challenge! The couple 'welcomed' a baby boy called Tommy Jr.

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CREDIT: u00a9 Love Island Instagram

August 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy finish as runners-up

Despite being one of the strongest couples on the show, Molly-Mae and Tommy didn't actually win the 2019 series, instead finishing in second place behind Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill.

CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

August 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy arrive back in the UK

Following their whirlwind stint on Love Island, love birds Molly-Mae and Tommy arrived back in the UK to meet each other's family and friends and start their new life together.

CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

August 2019: Fears of a split

Just weeks after Molly-Mae and Tommy arrived back to normality, fans of the pair were convinced they'd split up, after they both chose to remain silent on social media. Luckily this wasn't the case, with a source close to the pair saying, "Tommy and Molly are very much together and so excited for what's to come. They absolutely have not split. They currently have a very hectic schedule and are just adjusting to a routine"

TOMMY FURY15 of 31
CREDIT: tommytntfury u00a9 Instagram

September 2019: Molly-Mae and Tommy move in together

After initially moving into Molly-Mae's Manchester flat, the pair later bought their own apartment together. Tommy told Digital Spy at the time, "It's going really good, you know. The biggest thing about moving in a relationship, you have to have trust and to be honest with each other, and since day one, me and Molly have been real and really honest with each other."

TOMMY FURY16 of 31
CREDIT: mollymaehague u00a9 Instagram

December 2019: Molly-Mae supports Tommy at his fight

Molly-Mae proved she was ever the supportive girlfirned in December, supporting Tommy at one of his boxing fights, which of course he went on to win. Sharing this photo on her Instagram page, Molly-Mae called Tommy her 'champ'.

TOMMY FURY17 of 31
CREDIT: tommytntfury u00a9 Instagram

January 2020: Molly-Mae and Tommy enjoy a trip to the Maldives

Following a busy Christmas period, Molly-Mae and Tommy kicked off the New Year together on a luxury holiday to the Maldives. Looking happier than ever, the pair kept fans up to date with some amazing snaps, with many thinking Tommy was about to propose.

CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

February 2020: Molly-Mae and Tommy jet off to Vegas

In support of Tommy's brother Tyson Fury, both Tommy and Molly-Mae jetted over to Vegas in February 2020 as the world watched Tyson's boxing match against Deontay Wilder.

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CREDIT: mollymaehague u00a9 Instagram

May 2020: Molly-Mae wishes Tommy a Happy Birthday

As Tommy turned 21 on 7th May, Molly-Mae posted this cute photo wishing her man a very happy birthday. She captioned the shot with 'Happy 21st birthday my boy. I love you with my whole heartud83dudc9b.' (sic)

TOMMY FURY20 of 31
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

May 2020: Molly-Mae tells Tommy not to propose

Despite the pair still being as strong as ever in May 2020, Molly-Mae took to her YouTube page to reveal she's told Tommy not to propose to her, because the pair are just 'too young'. She said, "Tommy would literally propose to me tomorrow if I would let him but I keep saying to him, 'No, let's just wait, let's just wait,' because I'm too young."It will happen one day, it's something we can look forward to together, so I just wanna leave it for another day."But marriage and kids are two things that will happen soon, hopefully. But, when I say soon I don't mean next week!"

CREDIT: tommytntfury u00a9 Instagram

May 2020: Tommy buys Molly-Mae a puppy for her 21st birthday

Just weeks later, Molly-Mae was spoilt rotten by her boyfriend as she celebrated her own 21st birthday in lockdown. Tommy not only decorated their Manchester apartment, but he also bought her a Cartier ring and a new white Pomeranian puppy.

CREDIT: mollymaehague u00a9 Instagram

June 2020: Molly-Mae and Tommy announce tragic news of puppy's death

Just days after welcoming their new puppy Mr Chai, Molly-Mae and Tommy released a statement revealing the heartbreaking news that their dog had sadly passed away. The couple released a 12-minute long video to Molly-Mae YouTube account, revealing Mr Chai's cause of death following at autopsy at the vets.

June 2020: Molly-Mae and Tommy move into new apartment23 of 31
CREDIT: mollymaehague u00a9 Instagram Story

June 2020: Molly-Mae and Tommy move into new apartment

Following the tragic death of their puppy, Molly-Mae and Tommy made a 'fresh start' by moving house! Molly-Mae shared a glimpse of her new apartment on her Instagram Story.

April 2021: Molly-Mae talks kids and baby names24 of 31
CREDIT: mollymaehague u00a9 Instagram Story

April 2021: Molly-Mae talks kids and baby names

After previously revealing that she wants to have kids while she's "young", Molly-Mae took to her Instagram Story in April to tell her fans that she already has her future baby's name picked out!Could we have a little Hague-Fury baby soon?!

April 2021: Tommy teases a potential proposal soon25 of 31
CREDIT: tommyfury u00a9 Instagram Story

April 2021: Tommy teases a potential proposal soon

It seems the pair aren't shy when it comes to dropping hints on their Instagram Stories, with Tommy also teasing the pair's future plans in an 'Assumptions' series on his Story just weeks later.When questioned about when he plans on proposing to Molly-Mae, Tommy grinned and answered "sooner than you think", before giving us a wink.

Molly-Mae Instagram Story26 of 31
CREDIT: mollymae u00a9 Instagram Story

June 2021: Molly-Mae hints that she's feeling broody

Not long after Tommy admitted that he wanted a baby sooner rather than later, Molly-Mae hinted that she was feeling broody as the pair spent the day looking after Tommy's baby nephew. Sharing a series of sweet photos and videos, Molly-Mae wrote: 'My heart And ovaries' (sic).

CREDIT: mollymae u00a9 Instagram Story

July 2021: Molly-Mae and Tommy celebrate two year anniversary

On Wednesday 7th July, Molly-Mae and Tommy celebrated their two-year anniversary since meeting in the Love Island villa. Tommy showered his girl in flowers and gifts, whilst Molly-Mae paid a gushing tribute to Tommy on Instagram.

Molly-Mae tries on engagement rings28 of 31
CREDIT: mollymae u00a9 YouTube

July 2021: Molly-Mae and Tommy try on engagement rings

During a 'Get Ready With Me' video shared on her YouTube channel, Molly-Mae admitted that she and Tommy had tried on engagement rings... albeit, just "for a bit of fun".Molly-Mae later claimed that when it comes to Tommy proposing, she knows "he won't cut corners" and that "he keeps saying we just need to find a ring". According to Mol: "As soon as we pick the ring, that is when he'll propose to me" - EEK!

December 2021: Molly hits back at split rumours29 of 31
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

December 2021: Molly hits back at split rumours

After a tough few months that saw Molly and Tommy fall victim to a house burglary, fans of the couple were worried as they seemed to take a break from social media. However, in December, Molly hit back at split rumours when a fan asked her 'why they had split' during a Q&A on Instagram. The influencer replied to the question with a picture of Tommy in their kitchen, writing: 'If I had a £1 for every time someone asked me this.'They were then seen enjoying a romantic dinner on Molly's Instagram stories. Phew!

Molly-Mae New York Instagram30 of 31
CREDIT: mollymae u00a9 Instagram Story

December 2021: Tommy surprises Molly-Mae with a trip to New York

On 31st December 2021, Tommy surprised his girlfriend Molly-Mae with a trip to New York, USA, sparking a whirlwind of rumours that the professional boxer was gearing up to propose. Many fans were convinced that Tommy was going to propose to Molly-Mae on New Year's Eve, in what could have been the sweetest Love Island proposal yet!

Molly-Mae engagement clues Instagrams31 of 31
CREDIT: mollymae u00a9 Instagram Story

January 2022: Engagement clues

Fans were surprised to see that neither Molly-Mae or Tommy had announced any kind of news surrounding an engagement come New Year's Day, however, many eagle-eyed fans are convinced that they have spotted some clues from the influencers.Sharing a picture of her and Tommy holding hands, Molly-Mae can be seen hiding her ring finger, as well as covering up Tommy's with her thumb. In another post, Molly-Mae is hiding her left hand in her pocket, leaving fans questioning whether this is because she has a new ring... ud83dudc40

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Molly then shared with fans two days later that she was in “unbearable pain” and realised her recent endometriosis surgery hasn’t worked. Last year, Molly was praised by fans for raising awareness of endometriosis.

She previously explained that she was forced to seek the help of a private specialist after her concerns were dismissed by her GP who told her they were "sure" she didn’t have the condition.

Almost in tears, she said, "I literally feel so rubbish today in the fact that I just know that my operation hasn't worked.

"It's just so sad because when I come on my period that is the day when the pain is unbearable.

"The pain is better than it used to be since I had the operation but it's a day where I have to somehow make it through the day whilst being in so much pain and be in meetings and not show that I'm literally in pain to the point where I just want to curl up in a ball and just cry.

"That's how bad the pain is. I can't even begin to explain how bad it is."

WATCH "What does IMPREGNABLE mean?!" 😂😂 #LoveIsland runner up Molly-Mae Answers the Internet 🖥

The PrettyLittleThing creative director told fans last month that she and Tommy choose not to use contraception anymore and instead relied on an app to monitor her fertility.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, Molly was asked about what contraception she uses, and she answered, “I use the Flo app to track my fertile point of the month but I don't recommend this if you want something much safer/more accurate.”

Last year, Molly also answered a fan question that said, "Are you excited to have kids with Tommy xx," saying, "VERY. We both are so excited for that part of our lives."

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