Syd and Ell: who are their boyfriends?

The former friends' love lives are the talk of YouTube and TikTok

syd and ell boyfriends

by Hannah Mellin |

2021 was a big year, wasn't it? As well as enduring multiple lockdowns and getting OBSESSED with Married At First Sight Australia, we also became obsessed with the theories surrounding why YouTube duo Syd and Ell chose to end their friendship.

The pair, who had been friends for over twenty years, dramatically parted ways in 2021, with the pair choosing to go it alone on their separate YouTube channels and removing each other from social media.

Despite it being almost a year since the fall out, many are speculating whether it could have been over a boy (typical). So, who are the men in Syd and Ell's lives? Let's take a deep dive and find out more...

Who is Sydney May Crouch's boyfriend?

Sydney's boyfriend is called Cassius Straughn and he's got a huge following on Instagram thanks to his career in personal training. He's 23 years old. Her previous boyfriend, Dan, made many appearances in Syd ad Ell's videos.

How long have they been together?

Sydney and Cassius met when they were in school and got together many years later.

They're not shy when it comes to posting couple snaps all over social media, but remain coy when it comes to discussing their relationships. However, Sydney always features Cassius in her YouTube channel videos, including one where she showered him with a huge gift. Cute.

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Who is Ellie Jarrett's boyfriend?

Well, we know she has one, but we don't know too much about him as Ellie prefers to keep him off camera as much as possible.

However, her mystery man does appear in a recent YouTube video where she vlogged a romantic trip to a posh hotel and he does make an appearance in Ellie's Instagram photo dumps every now and again.

ellie jarrett

Her followers are a fan of her relationship though, as the comments section was littered with positivity, with one writing, "Your relationship 😭❤️ it’s so gorgeous to see you so so happy, glowing girl💘."

Another said, "You and ur man are sooo cute wtf this made me smile so much."

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Did Sydney fall out with Ellie's boyfriend?

Many have speculated about Syd and Ell's falling out, with many suggesting something "unforgivable" happened.

There was a theory that Ell’s boyfriend isn’t Syd’s biggest fan and their fallout was over the men in their lives but we don't know if there is any truth in that.

Ellie has stayed very quiet on the situation, but Syd addressed the fall out in her first ever solo YouTube video.

In the video, she told her followers, “I’m sat on my own, I’m not sat with Ell. We have been best friends for twenty years and I guess no one saw this coming, myself included. I’ve come to terms with it a lot more now, it’s been a few months now. In a way I’ve had to learn to accept that it’s happened, you don’t just get over a twenty year friendship.”

However, Syd never actually explained why they are no longer friends, saying, “I’m not going to sit here and air our dirty laundry, it’s one of them things, we’re humans and it is private. Some things you just don’t put on the internet. We’ve decided to go our separate ways and it is sad.”

Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

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