Yazz now: what is The Only Way Is Up singer up to in 2022?

Check out what the singer of the TOWIE theme song is up to now

Yazz now

by Asher Brandon |

Singer Yazz is perhaps best known for her 1988 classic The Only Way Is Up. You might even recognise the song from The Only Way Is Essex's theme tune.

Despite this success early on in her career, Yazz has slipped somewhat under the radar as of late. So, here's what she's been up to recently.

Who is Yazz?

Yazz is a singer best known for her hit song The Only Way Is Up that reached Number 1 on the UK Singles Chart. Turns out it's actually a cover of a song written by George Jackson and Johnny Henderson and originally performed by Otis Clay in 1980.

She is also well known for her song Stand Up For Your Love Rights and her debut album Wanted also released in 1988, which was certified double platinum in the UK.

Yazz worked as a runway model for a stint before releasing club music with the group The Biz, scoring a series of hits. Her first mainstream success came in her solo career and she signed to Big Life, her husband Jazz Summers' label.

She went on to have success throughout the 90s, signing to Polydor Records in 1992, before releasing her second album, One On One, in 1994.

What happened to Yazz?

During the 90s Yazz began to reevaluate her career choices following the breakdown of her marriage to her husbad Jazz. The pair share a daughter named Rio.

After her marriage split, Yazz turned to christianity following a conversation with her hairdresser.

In 2008 she released her third album Running Back to You, an album which explored her journey to Christianity.

What is Yazz up to now?

After becoming a Christian, Yazz has performed The Only way Is Up on This Morning to mark the 30th anniversary of both the TV show and the song, released a deluxe remaster of her hit 1988 album Wanted and according to her Instagram she currently works as a teacher and vocal coach.

Yazz is currently living in Spain, where she is an active part of the Calahonda Baptist Church.

Last year Yazz appeared on the Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did podcast where she opened up about making The Only Way Is Up, the price of fame and her spiritual journey.

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How old is Yazz?

Yazz was born on the 19th May 1960, meaning she is 61 years old.

How is Yazz related to The Only Way is Essex?

Today Yazz's song The Only Way Is Up is best known as the theme song for The ITV reality show The Only Way Is Essex.

Does Yazz have Instagram?

She does - you can follow her @yazz.official.

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