Inside Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson’s renovated house with DREAMY marble bathroom

The Made in Chelsea couple's house has just been through a HUGE renovation 🏠

zara mcdermott sam thompson house

by Hannah Mellin |

Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott are love's young dream and they've got a house to match.

Despite hitting some cheating drama back in 2020, Zara and Sam, who have been dating for two years, are stronger than ever, having officially moved into together in 2021.

And if you can survive a house renovation together, you can survive anything.

Where is Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's house?

The lovebirds live in Chelsea SW1, duh, after moving in together in 2021. The house was originally Sam's home and is right next door to his sister, Louise Thompson, her fiance Ryan Libbey and their little baby boy Leo.

They share the new refurbished home with their fur babies, Albus and Cedric, who are named after Sam's favourite Harry Potter characters.

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When did they move in?

Well, they had to move out so the renovation could begin, and spent the majority of 2021 living with family and renting apartments.

Thanks to their HILARIOUS Instagram presence, you might recognise Zara and Sam's house decor from their endless pranks, but are you ready for a tour around the Made In Chelsea stars stunning home?

Is Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's house haunted?

In March 2021, Zara took to social media to ask her fans for help after discovering that Sam Thompson’s home is haunted by a ghost. Yes, seriously.

The spooky incidents supposedly started around a year ago when Sam purchased an expensive piece of art for the bedroom.

Zara explained, “It started at just after midnight that same night. We heard loads of weird noises coming from what seemed like downstairs. Sam went to investigate and found nothing.”

Apparently, the weird noises went on for several hours.

She continued, “It was like knocking, creaking, things moving around downstairs. It would go on for a few mins, then stop for 5, then start again and so on. I managed to fall asleep probably around 2. Then by 4am, we were awoken abruptly by the fan turning itself on and all the lights coming on. I was SO freaked out. The remote for the fan was on the other side of the room so Sam had to go and get it and turn it off.”

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson house decor

Zara and Sam love their house so much that it has its very own Instagram account (perfect for us nosy folk).

The Instagram is called 'The Thompson Project' and Zara posts on the account regularly. We would call their home classically minimalistic, with pops of colour, just like this colour-coordinated bookcase.

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There's also lots of greys and blues.

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And tonnes of family snaps. Adorable.

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Zara McDermott is an organised queen

If you follow the former Love Islander on Instagram, you'll be aware that she gives Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon a run for their money when it comes to organising. From colour coding her drinks fridge, stacking her plates perfectly to separating her cotton buds from her cotton pads - the girl has skills!

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Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's kitchen

The kitchen is a marble dream, with a white marble island and low hanging lights. Clock the bonsai tree on the side, too.

In January 2022, Zara admitted that the kitchen is yet to be finished, "Slowly but surely… we are getting there. 🤞🏼 we are waiting on some more parts of the kitchen and wall/tv units. But over the moon with how it’s coming along🥰".

One place that is very much finished, though, is the dining area, with a round table (we're getting huge hints of Kim K's house) and a statement light pendant. The things we'd do to have dinner at Zara and Sams.

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Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's bedroom

Where the magic happens! Zara is super proud of her bedroom, that is full of calming neutral tones and loads of fluffy pillows.

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There's also statement pieces, like a stylish console table decked out with impressive statues. We also love the moody lighting.

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Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's office

It's no secret Sam is a HUGE gamer, so this is the perfect place for him to rewind. We're a little bit in love with that boucle chair.

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Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's bathroom

Could this bathroom be anymore DREAMY? We don't think so. We actually have no words. Look at the SHOWER, it's like something out of the Maldives.

Speaking of her love for the bathroom, Zara told her followers in January, "As many of you may know, for the past seven months we have been renovating our home to create our dream house. It has been a really long stressful road at times, as every renovation is.

"Tonight, I went to run myself a bath in our new bathroom and I just felt so happy at how beautiful it’s turned out. We wanted this space to feel fresh and warm at the same time, with a “botanical garden”, Bali vibe."

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson's living room

The living room is all open plan, with the kitchen just over the other side. The sofa is a dreamy cream sofa (chosen from a shop in Kings Road, obviously) and they've even got one of those fancy narrow fireplaces.

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Zara McDermott BBC Three dating show

After announcing that she had signed with a new talent agency following the success of her BBC Three documentary 'Uncovering Rape Culture', Zara will host a brand new BBC Three dating show titled 'Love In The Flesh' that will air very soon.

The eight-part series will follow real life potential couples who have already matched through dating apps or social media but are yet to meet face to face.

Some of the couples have been talking for weeks, some years, but they have only interacted through apps, stories and DMs.

Speaking about the new series, Zara said, "Making Love In The Flesh was an incredible experience and being able to present this show is an absolute dream come true for me. It truly reflects the current dating climate for young people that are living in a digital age and constantly glued to screens."

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