Celebrity Big Brother’s major ‘BLUNDER’ exposed in live scenes

There was a major blunder on last night's Celebrity Big Brother

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Some things just go together, don't they? Macaroni and cheese. Cheese and wine. Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. Reality telly (namely Big Brother) and Reddit.

Seriously, if you want to fall down a Big-Brother-sized rabbit hole – because you're just not getting enough of the goods from watching Celebrity Big Brother, Late and Live and nattering with whoever you share a sofa with – get yourself on Reddit, because your people are waiting for you.

BB fans on Reddit do not miss a trick and, over the last few hours, have been losing their sh*t over a serious show blunder which aired live on last night's Late and Live, the sister show that airs after the main CBB ep.

AJ Odudu and Will Best
AJ Odudu and Will Best ©©ITV

Yep, just when we thought CBB couldn't get any better, what with Sharon's endless scalding A-lister tea spillages, Louis' savagery and anytime David Potts and Zeze Millz are on camera together, ITV aired a major show blunder and we are LIVING.

During last night's Late and Live hosted by Will Best, David's bestie/telly presenter Yasmin Evans who was a panel guest on the show, was sent backstage (behind the trademark double-sided BB mirrors) on the camera runs to spy on the celebs inside the house Davina-style. While she did a fab job, Yasmin and the camera operator got a little too close to the mirror and caught the attention of the celebs inside – a big no no, as housemates are supposed to be fully cut off from the outside world (so spotting your bestie a metre away from you is a huge no).

As the housemates began to inspect the mirror, Yasmin fell to the floor to hide herself, while Will shouted from the studio, "You've been rumbled!"

Naturally, the clip has found its way on to Reddit, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) and we've literally rewatched it several hundred times because we get off on these shows getting sh*t wrong. More of this from Love Island, please.

If you ask us, from the look on David's face, he totally knew his bestie was waiting in the wings.

David Potts
David Potts ©©ITV

The comments are commenting, too.

One fan wrote, "I love this so much. What could they see?? A big light I'm guessing, but I wonder if they could actually see Yasmin and the camera person."

Another fan revealed that a similar blunder took place in Big Brother 2023, regarding Henry Southan, writing, "Henry from last season mentioned recently that one time he saw staff behind the mirrors outside when the sun hit it at a certain angle so reckon the light lol."

That's it Reddit, keep doing our jobs for us.

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