Love Island 2023: evicted Islander spills the beans on villa life and bedroom antics

'I was always getting told off... in bed anyways'

Abi Scott and Mitch in bed

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Worry not, Love Island fans, our eyes widened at this one, too. A Love Island 2023 star (an OG, in fact) revealing why they were 'always getting told off" by producers IN BED? We're still clutching our pearls.

And exactly how naughty are we talking? Like, Hideaway wardrobe naughty? Like, that brutal, erm, self love rule naughty? Like, Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams banging on top of the covers in front of their fellow Love Island 2016 stars naughty? Side note, what a time.

No, not quite that naughty. Can you imagine? *CLUTCHES PEARLS AND WIDENS EYES AGAIN*

But, we can see why the producers came for OG André Furtado when the lights went out – this would p*ss us off if we were responsible for Britain's biggest reality show.

André looking shocked in the villa ©©ITV Plc

André was brutally dumped from the Majorcan villa at the hands of his fellow Islanders less than two weeks into his villa stint, and if his bedtime antics are anything to on, we can now somewhat understand why his co-stars chose to give him the boot.

During one of his regular Instagram Q&As with Love Island keenos, one of André's Instagram followers asked him, 'How was the [Love Island] experience? Were you ever told off by producers?"

Never one to mince in words (in multiple languages *swoon*), André replied, "I can't lie, I like this question a lot. I've been seeing it a lot, as well.

"Yeah, the experience was amazing. Even though I didn't know the time, or the date."

He went on to admit, "I was always getting told off – in bed, anyway. Mainly because when we had to go to sleep, I wouldn't go to sleep. When we had to wake up, I'd be a bit shaky. I'd always be whisper-whispering. I would be throwing pillows, as well. I'd be the one to start the pillow fights."

Abi, Scott and Mitchel in the bedroom
Abi, Scott and Mitchel in the bedroom (ITV) ©ITV

Okay, so more PG naughty then (as Casa Amor bombshell Tink Reading would say).

Interestingly, in the same Q&A, André admitted that there is always a Love Island 2023 group chat with everyone who's already been dumped. Obsessed.

He said, "It's peak, because we don't want to increase the number in the group chat, but it's got to happen. For the show to carry on, there's got to be more people in the group chat."

André added, "We talk quite a lot."

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