Frankly incredible iced coffee hacks to up your beverage game

Because the ultimate form of romance is cool, caffeinated and comes in a cup...

Ella and Ty drink coffee

by Helena Holdsworth |
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Love Island fans know that iced coffee is a romantic ritual for contestants trying to capture the heart of their crush.

It's a rite of relationship passage for the girls to have one hand-delivered to the dressing room by one of the show's hunks, and a cold cup of Joe holds the potential to make or break Islander’s relationships.

Remember when Millie Court and Lucinda Stafford giggled about the boys needing to up their coffee game?

And we can't not mention Curtis Pritchard's infamous one liner which saw him struggling to choose between cuddles with Amy Hart in bed or making coffee for everyone on a morning...

So, whether you’re looking to win over a flame or wanting a refreshing drink that’ll transport you to Villaparadise, we’ve rounded up five of the best iced coffee hacks to elevate your iced coffee game...

1. The Classic Love Island Iced Coffee

The secret recipe is as simple as adding ice and honey to some instant coffee and milk. Et voila! You’ll feel like a Love Islander in no time.

2. Coffee Ice Cubes

This life hack will change the way you make coffee forever. Diluted watery drink be gone!

3. Whipped Iced Coffee

Fluffy and creamy, the Dalogna coffee recipe exploded during lockdown. But was it worth the hype? Only one way to find out...

4. Biscoff Iced Coffee

Say 'hi' to your new favourite drink. Add a large dollop Biscoff for a totally indulgent iced biscuit drink.

5. Coffee Ice Lollies

Why not turn your coffee into a popsicle for the perfect summer pick-me-up?

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