Love Island All Stars’ Kaz Kamwi and Chris Taylor ‘hard launch’ relationship after ‘joyous’ date

They got close in the Love Island: All Stars villa

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We're not supposed to play favourites when it comes to Love Island stars – we're dead important, professional journalists here at heatworld, after all (just look at this investigative journalism) – but we do have a soft spot for All Stars' Chris Taylor and Kaz Kamwi. After all, Chris used to host our baby Under the Duvet and Kaz is, well, she's just our forever and ever queen.

As such, when we learned that Chris and Kaz were working together on a new campaign for Sky Cinema/NOW for Barbie – which involved them going on a cute (pink) Barbie boat date in Southampton – of course we wanted to chat to them about it. We knew these two mates grew close in the All Stars villa earlier this year, but did this 'date' news mean something?

chris and kaz close up
Sky Cinema and Barbie launch their friend-ship as BFF’s Chris Taylor and Kaz Kamwi are pictured on the Sky Cinema loves Barbie boat party. Barbie is now available on Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW ©Sky Movies/NOW

To be fair on us, Chris did tell us, "It was a great day, actually, so obviously we went on the boat to do the Barbie and Ken scene when they go into the real world and it was a bloody lovely day. It was very Barbie-esque, very pink and joyous and they let us drive the boat which was pretty sick. All in all, it was a fantastic day. Kaz’s experience of driving the boat was slightly more terrifying than mine."

He then added, "In my eyes it was a date. There was nibbles, there was drinks…

"It was basically like if Love Island had budget what the dates would be like."

Kaz chose Chris over Luis on day one
Kaz chose Chris over Luis on day one ©©ITV

Clearly a joke, but fast forward a few weeks and then Kaz drops this bombshell of a TikTok and we can't help but feel there's perhaps a little truth behind the banter.

In the 10-second video – while looking outrageously spicy in a Jessica Rabbit number – Kaz lip syncs to the following, "So how's your dating life going?"

"It isn't."

"You haven't been on any dates?"


"Met anybody?"


"Been on dating apps?"


"On dating apps?"

"Happy being single?"


"Have a will to live?"

THEN towards the end of the video, a suited and booted Chris Taylor struts past the camera behind her, resulting in a girly giggle from our Kaz.

Kaz captioned the TikTok, "Life update 🥀."

Understandably, hardcore Love Island fans have utterly lost their s**t over this TikTok, with many taking this post as a relationship "hard launch".

One of Kaz's followers commented, "Did I see that right?"

While another commented, "Wait, who was that!!!!!"

"They would makes so much sense," cried another one.

Kaz Kamwi
Kaz Kamwi ©Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer/GC Images

To be fair, Kaz did take to her own comments to simmer things down, writing, "Focus on the audio pls 😭💀," so this is probably just a playful nod to the rumours swarming their friendship right now.

But just in case, we've reached out to both Chris and Kaz's management for comment – because frankly Monday is f**king Mondaying and we're in need of some good news.

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