EXCLUSIVE Laura Anderson: ‘I’ll be a fun but strict mum’

The Love Island 2018 finalist tells us why she'll be besties with her baby girl

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When she closed the door on the Love Islandvilla in 2018, little did Laura Anderson know how many others would open for her. And, as her career in the limelight continues to flourish, she is also getting ready to welcome her first
child, a little girl, with ex-boyfriend Gary Lucy. While she laments not getting enough pregnancy massages – “I should have had loads!” – she tells heat how she is coping at 33 weeks, which, of course, includes unwinding in front of Love Island…

Laura Anderson pregnant
Laura's baby is due in the next few weeks ©Getty

What’s your verdict on this series?

It’s certainly keeping me entertained. I haven’t been fully invested in one couple, it’s more the individuals. Casa Amor is always the most stressful time to watch.

Who are you rooting for?

I love that Kady McDermott’s back. It’s interesting to watch how chill she is compared to the newbies. I love Ella Thomas, too, just because she’s Scottish. I do think she could do a little bit better than Tyrique Hyde.

Ella and Tyrique look shocked
Laura thinks Ella could do better than Tyrique ©ITV

There has been a lot of chopping and changing among the couples…

Yeah. It’s exciting, because it means someone could win who isn’t even in it yet.

Is the heartrace challenge sexy or awkward?

A bit of both. I felt great. They do love a surprise on Love Island. They didn’t tell us our songs and you just get given an outfit. [The producers] gave me a devil outfit and were like, “You’re on second”. I heard that bloody, “I’m horny, horny, horny, horny” song and I was like, “Are you f*cking kidding me?” Everything is a surprise because they want that genuine reaction. But I felt really empowered.

Laura Anderson dressed as a devil
“Are you f*cking kidding me?” ©ITV

How has life changed since the show?

I think Love Island was the first time in my life I didn’t make a plan. Sometimes, not making a plan is better than your original one. It’s been nice to start a job I didn’t really know existed before. It’s taught me a lot about me, because you do become your own kind of brand. It’s exciting to continually progress.

Your due date is fast approaching – how are you feeling about the birth?

I’m a bit scared. I don’t really know what to expect. I’m trying to do all my reading and research, and talk to everyone who has had babies before. Sometimes, you don’t want to hear the horror stories, though. You’ve just got to let go
and succumb to whatever it’s going to be. It definitely is getting to a point now where it feels real – I am going to have a human soon who I am responsible for! I feel like I’m going to blink and she’s going to be here.

What kind of mum do you think you’ll be?

A perfect combination of strict and fun. I’m the same with the dog [Pomeranian Buddy]. It’ll be nice, we’re both girls and we can be besties, but I’m definitely not going to let her get away with anything!

How is your schedule looking before you welcome your baby?

I’m moving in a week-and-a-half, and I’ve got no space. I’ve got about five car seats, three prams…

Very organised then…

I don’t feel it because I’m 33 weeks – I could just go tomorrow! I’m also trying to get a car because mine got stolen. It’s all going on at once. But I’m just moving down the road [in Glasgow] because I wanted an extra room. Everyone’s like, “You don’t need a nursery”, and I’m like, “I want one!”

I used to think when I was pregnant, I would be so annoying and such a diva. You imagine that you’d
be married or with someone, so you can be like, “Give me this, give me that.” But it’s not been like that at all, I’ve just been working a lot. The lead-up has probably been the best preparation for motherhood – it’s been a lot of multitasking.

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