Liam Llewellyn reunites with ‘misrepresented’ Islander and OMG

It's been six months since he quit the show after just five days in the villa

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Remember Love Island 2022 star Liam Llewellyn?

He might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of season eight of the ITV2 show - given that he was only in the villa for five days before quitting - but it turns out Liam is still friends with some of his fellow Islanders.

The former strength and conditioning student reunited with a few of his villa pals over the weekend as they caught up to watch England play in the FIFA World Cup and he documented it on his Instagram Story, giving his followers a glimpse inside their evening out.

Liam teased the reunion as he shared a poll to ask fans which of Islander he was meeting up with, with the options being Ikenna Ekwonna, Andrew Le Page, Luca Bish and Dami Hope, and it turns out the answer was, well, nearly all of them.

Later that day, Liam shared a video of himself watching the football in a pub and he was joined by Luca, Dami, Andrew and Andrew's girlfriend Tasha Ghouri. He captioned the post, "Being the only Welsh here ain't pretty."

Liam Llewelyn wearing a grey hoodie in a pub while looking into the camera
liam watched the football with his co-stars ©Instagram/Liam Llewelyn

Liam's reunion comes with Luca just weeks after it was revealed that the Brighton-based fishmonger had split from his villa girlfriend Gemma Owen.

Luca often found himself facing criticism from viewers during his time on the show, however other Islanders have since spoken out to defend him. Some have insisted that Luca was being misrepresented on-screen and was the victim of "bad editing".

Casa Amor bomshell Jazmine Nichol said, "If I was even like making a coffee he’d come over and check that I was fine. I’d get him to talk about where his head was at, mentally and it was just like, it wasn’t just humour, it was mental like ‘are you alright?’ checking on each other and I needed that in the villa, so I’ve got nothing to say but love about Luca. He’s getting a bad edit.

"I’ve spoke to his family and they agree – it’s a bad edit.”

Luca Bish standing up and clapping his hands in a pub while wearing a black jacket
luca went on a night out with liam ©Instagram/Liam Llewelyn

Earlier this summer, Liam stunned his fellow Islanders when he announced he was leaving the villa after just five days.

He said, "Trying to find someone to leave the villa with, that you care about, obviously that’s the goal. But when you’re not feeling that, it sort of makes it very hard. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. It’s not a spur-of-the-moment type thing. So I’ve made a decision that I am going to leave the villa. It’s been a breeze, it’s been an absolute ball, you are all unreal."

liam quits the villa
liam telling the Islanders he's leaving ©ITV Pictures

He later admitted that the real reason he left the villa was because he struggled with the behind-the-scenes production. Following his shock exit, Liam told The Sun, "On TV all you can see is two people on a date - but there’s like 30 people running round as you’re dating, getting camera angles right, getting the lighting right. And if they make a bit of noise you’ve got to pause for a second and then go again.

"Maybe that was a big factor in my decision and maybe I wasn’t comfortable with all that going on and people not knowing what you’re having to deal with at the time.”

How old is Liam Llewellyn?

Liam is 22 years old.

Where is Liam Llewellyn from?

Liam is from Newport in South Wales.

What does Liam do as a job?

Liam was a student before entering the villa. He studied for a masters in strength and conditioning.

Who is Liam Llewellyn's dad?

While we all know that former Manchester United and England player Michael Owen is Gemma's dad, it turns out Liam has a famous sportsman father too.

Yep, Liam's dad is Welsh rugby star David Llewellyn who was huge in the 1990s but is now retired.

gemma and liam in the villa together ©ITV Pictures

David was full of praise for his boy when Liam entered the villa, telling Wales Online, "It brings a lot of emotions out in you as his father.

"I'm missing him for one.

"But I'm very proud of him. I didn't realise how big this was until this week. It's big in America, Canada and all around the world."

Does Liam Llewellyn have Instagram?

He does - you can follow him @_liamllewellyn.

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