Love Island’s Liam Reardon reveals HUGE secret about that dance challenge and we’re cringing

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Former Islanders sharing Love Island secrets is what gets us up in the morning; it's our bread and butter. We live for it.

Many a Love Island secret finds its way to heat HQ, especially when the show is airing, and truly, we collect and treasure them like Carrie does shoes.

So as you can imagine, it takes a rare type of Love Island secret for us TOTALLY and UTTERLY recoil on the spot; to CRINGE so hard to makes watching Davide kissing Gemma feel wholesome and cute.

Love Island is built on production secrets. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes magic to deliver the level of heart-stopping goodness we've come to expect from Love Island night after night, but, sometimes here at heat we stumble upon a Love Island secret so horrendous that we contemplate using a mental health day to visit a hypnotherapist just to remove every trace of said secret from our craniums.

Dramatic? Us? Just wait till we tell you what the secret is.

Love Island Season 7's Liam Reardon just shared one of these horrendous secrets and even his dashing good looks couldn't sweeten the blow of this Love Island truth.

While answering Love Island questions during TikTok Q&A for Cosmopolitan UK, lovely Liam revealed something vile when asked what he thinks new Islanders will struggle with.

He said (get ready), "The challenges where you have to do the dancing and stuff like that".

Liam unfortunately continued to reveal that when the Islanders come out and start "busting moves" there's absolutely "NO MUSIC PLAYING". Yes, Love Islanders may edit these scenes to look at sound sexy af, but for the Islanders themselves, these tasks are essentially mime battles.

Take a deep breath, loves. Eight seconds in, then eight seconds out.

He added, "The actual music they'll put music on it, but when you come out dancing there's no music playing".

Make it stop.

"You've just got to dance with people chanting you on and it's the most awkward thing ever."

Liam continued, "You're just dancing with nobody saying anything."

And just in case you haven't been nearly killed off by cringe, Liam shared another secret that'll make you quiver with CRINGE, " We'd have to run down to the challenge area, [cheering] and we'd do that like four times.

"By the fourth time we were ... so bored of it then."

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Take four? ©ITV

We can't. We're out.

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