EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Catherine Agbaje reveals what Mitch Taylor’s REALLY like – ahead of Scott van-der-Sluis feud

It looks like things between Mitch and Scott kick off AGAIN in the Couple Goals challenge

Love Island's Mitchel Taylor, Catherine Agbaje and Scott van-der-Sluis

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In Love Island history, Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson’s shock dumping will go down as possibly the most brutal dumping ever. They didn't even get a ‘gather around the firepit’ text, to prepare them. The Love Island 2023 producers really aren’t messing around this year, and hopefully they can spice up the final couple of weeks in the villa.

Now that they're back home, Catherine and Elom sat down with our Harriet Rose this week for an exclusive heat dates interview and they revealed what they really think of their fellow Islanders.

Catherine weighed in on the Mitch Taylor / Ella Barnes / Abi Moores love triangle, which becomes a love square if we add Catherine's former flame Scott van-der-Sluis to the equation.

Mitch finally seemed on track to find love when he coupled up with Abi in Casa Amor, but his head quickly turned when bombshell Ella B made a beeline for him and Abi was NOT happy. Meanwhile, Abi has been getting to know single Scott, much to the annoyance of Mitch. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Catherine Agbaje, Ella Barnes, Mitchel Taylor, Abi Moores and Scott van-der-Sluis
Catherine's weighed in on the love saga between Ella B, Mitch, Abi and Scott ©ITV Pictures

When Catherine told Harriet, “I just think Mitch is, you know, he has Ella and he’s happy,” Elom quickly pointed out, “He’s messy though.”

Catherine agreed, “Yeah, of course he’s messy. You know, he’s like, ‘oh my God, I have this beautiful girl’… He needs to go with his heart, not his head.”

She then touched on his nickname, Messy Mitch.

“Yeah, ‘Messy Mitch.’ For about three weeks, he was walking around the villa saying, ‘I’m single, I’m single!’ It’s like he was bored, so he would get himself into situations that people would be like, ‘OK, Mitch, but why are you involved?’ and he would be like, ‘I don’t know.’”

Love Island's Mitch lowering his sunglasses
Mitch has definitely earned his 'messy Mitch' nickname ©ITV Pictures

As we near the finale, will Mitch get messier, or will being coupled up calm him down?

“When he got with Abi, Mitch was toned down. I was like, ‘I’ve never seen this side to you,'" Catherine said.

"He was very like, lovey -dovey, very like, not trying to be in anyone’s business. So, it was a different Mitch, I think he just needs to find a girl.”

Although Catherine claims Mitch was calmer in a couple, this latest love triangle has been anything but. While he claims he has now ‘found clarity’ with Ella B, knowing Messy Mitch, anything could happen.

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