Love Island EXCLUSIVE: why Molly Smith’s feet were SWEATING in the villa

Molly has revealed what was really happening at the All Stars final

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Over the years we've heard some bizarre things from the Love Island lot.

We've had an All Stars couple speaking about their hairy icks (sounds as weird as it reads), Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend sliding into Islanders DMs AND Gary Beadle slamming a Love Island star over a McDonald's photo.

However Molly Smith has topped all of that because it turns out she was sweating so much in the villa that her feet were slipping out of her shoes.

love island molly smith looking to the left and wearing red lipstick
molly's feet were sliding all over the gaff ©ITV

Speaking about the final on heat's Under The Duvet podcast, Tom Clare explained, "I had clammy hands, you [Molly] had sweaty feet.

"I never get clammy hands."

love island molly smith and tom clare sitting around the firepit
molly and tom won the show ©ITV

Molly then revealed what exactly was going on with her feet, "I was shaking.

"I had shoes on and my toes were slipping forward and I was saying to Tom, 'Oh my God my toes are literally gripping my shoes.'

"I had to keep pushing them back."

Sounds pretty painful hun.

And while Molly and Tom - aka the real life Barbie and Ken because they're both absolutely GORG - won the first ever All Stars series, it turns out the final was pretty nerve-racking for everyone.

"We were laughing at Josh because [he] seems to get nervous at the recoupling speeches and when Josh went up with Maya [Jama] he was stuttering and pissed himself," Tom joked.

Molly then added, "It's the atmosphere as well. There's like an audience there, everyone keeps looking and you're stood there."

Rather them than us, tbh.

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