Scott van-der-Sluis reveals star who ‘didn’t have it in them’ to do All Stars

Scott appeared on Love Island 2023, Love Island USA, and Love Island Games last summer

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Sorry, but if you haven't listened to Frankie and Demi Sims' new podcast Sims Squared, might we suggest you rectify that immediately and start with their most recent episode featuring Love Island legend Scott van-der-Sluis?

A lot of these types of podcasts are vetted by PRs lurking in the background and, as such, none of the really good stuff actually ever gets to our ear holes – not this one, however; in fact, Scott is pouring scalding-hot tea directly from the teapot all over the recording studio in this podcast appearance (metaphorically, obv) and the Sims sisters are letting us hear all the good stuff. Queens.

Scott ©ITV

In addition to lifting the lid on the "mad" edit he got on Love Island 2023, Scott exposed the popular Islander who "didn't have it in them" to commit to Love Island: All Stars, despite being asked.

It was him. It was Scott van-der-Sluis.

And we say popular because that means producers wanted the Welsh hunk for Love Island 2023, Love Island USA, Love Island Games AND All Stars after his successful stint on the 2023 UK series.

Scott appeared took part in Love Island Games in Fiji
Scott appeared took part in Love Island Games in Fiji ©Peacock

Speaking of All Stars (ahead of it being filmed, as this ep was recorded months ago FYI), Scott told the girls, "I actually probably would do an All Stars if it was a couple of years down the line.

"There was a conversation I had when I was over in Fiji; so one of the same execs that was in my Love Island season was the same exec for Love Island Games and I had a conversation about this All Stars, but I was like, 'The most I can do is go through the process and then decide, but I don't think I've got it in me.'

"And they were like, 'So you gonna f**k us over then?' Just as a joke."

love island all stars cast
The cast of Love Island: All Stars ©ITV

Scott went on to reveal that four Love Islands in the space of a matter of months was just too much (FAIR), and that he was "done with Love Island" for a while.

"At that point, I was just done with Love Island. I did three so close to each other. Three different casts," he added.

The bombshell went on to explain that he was happy missing out on the all the post-Love Island perks – like fame and PR parties – as he was offered a one-off fee to appear for both the USA edition and the Games. Get that money, honey.

It's giving catch flights not feelings.

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