Scott van-der-Sluis FINALLY spills the tea on Paige Thorne relationship

The popular Islanders dated for several months before finding fame in the villa

Scott van-der-Sluis and Paige Thorne

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Love Island bombshell of bombshells Scott van-der-Sluis has been quite the busy boy this summer. Not only did he basically steal the show in the Love Island 2023 villa, but just days after being dumped he went and delivered the same level of iconiqueness across the Atlantic on Love Island USA. BOOM goes the bombshell.

And as it turns out, Scott was quite the busy boy prior to finding fame on Love Island, too. Seriously, this one has been bombshelling for years, apparently, as according to some major tea spilled on the most recent episode of Vicky Pattison's The Secret To podcast, Scott was involved with a popular Islander YEARS before joining the show.

And it's.............. Love Island 2022's Paige Thorne (said with Coleen Rooney levels of drama).

Now, no doubt the showbiz sleuths among you already know the rumours about these two, but neither Scott nor Paige has ever gone into THIS much juicy detail about their relationship before and, quite frankly, we are licking this spilled tea off the ground.

If you've ever listened to Vicky's podcast, or even seen her on the telly, you'll know she doesn't beat around the bush – in fact, if she wants to know something, she isn't afraid to go in until she finds it (open invite to work at heat or Closer whenever you like, queen). Naturally, the former Geordie Shore star couldn't get Scott on her podcast without getting the real tea on those Paige Thorne dating rumours.

love island scott
Scott was a popular character on Love Island 2023 ©ITV

Without hesitancy, Scott confirmed that the pair did date once upon a time. Best of all, although it's quite literally been years since they were an item, he wouldn't rule anything out in the future (after all, they're both single Pringles).

Scott told Vicky, "Yeah, I did go out with Paige.

“I think it was during lockdown; so I’d lived in Swansea for four years, from 2015 to 2019 and I made a load of friends down there. I moved home in 2019 and then I went to see my mate in 2020 and lockdown hit. I then ended up staying down with him for months, so yeah, Paige was with a guy and she’d just split up with him. I sat in the car with one of my mates and he said, ‘Did you know that Paige Thorne’s single?’ He showed me the account and I said, ‘I liked a bit of that’. I followed her, she followed me back – I think I was 19 at the time – I liked three of her photos, she liked three of mine back and then I messaged her and, yeah, we met up and we were seeing [each other] for like three months."

Paige Thorne
Love Island 2022's Paige Thorne ©Getty

THE TEA. Scott continued, "Yeah, we had a little thing going. Yeah, it was definitely a thing – I wouldn’t even know what label to put on it. It was lockdown, so we couldn’t go on any dates, we couldn’t really do anything – we went on walks. We did do little cute things, but there wasn’t too much we could do. But yeah, we had a thing going for three or four months."

Sorry, Paige and Scott – Love Island legends in their own right – dated for three or four months prior to joining the Love Island multiverse? We are shook.

Scott then went on to reveal the reason him and Paige called it quits after just a few months.

He revealed, "To be fair, we probably would’ve ended up together if I didn’t move back [home]. I was only down their visiting a mate. It was all a matter of what could’ve been.


Okay, so now you're both single and constantly in London for events?

Scott said, “We’ll see. We still get along really well. We’re still in contact.

“She’s a lovely girl. You never know.”

Our souls need this, guys. We need this Love Island power couple to step forward and conquer.

Manifest. Manifest. Manifest.

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