EXCLUSIVE: MAFS AU’s Lucinda Light reveals cheeky way producers got cast through ‘gruelling’ commitment ceremonies

‘Oh my God, this is a lot.’


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Married At First Sight is still such a mysterious process. The contestants will spend about three months filming the show in secret, and as it airs more and more behind-the-scenes secrets are revealed by the cast.

In the past, brides and grooms have complained about various parts of the filming process - Erica Roberts admitted that the lack of wardrobe budget made filming difficult, Tasha Jay spoke out about the frustrating curfew and Amy Christopher revealed the strict drinking cap.

We were lucky enough to sit down with MAFS Australia 2024's resident angel Lucinda Light, who lifted the lid on a very specific issue.

Lucinda Light
Lucinda was one of the standout stars of her season ©Channel 4

Many couples find the commitment ceremony the hardest part of filming the show, and Lucinda agreed, but it turns out it's uncomfortable in more ways than one.

"Sitting on those couches you get the most numb bum." Ouch.

Lucinda opened up about the other issues with the tough schedule, and the surprising trick the producers used to keep the cast peppy and willing to keep going.

“The dinner parties and the commitment ceremonies, and the weddings actually, are gruelling, so you get about two gruelling days a week and they can go up to 16 hours. By the time you’ve got ready, done your get ready filming at home, in a taxi, in the waiting bays, all the actual filming of being there, they’re huge days. Sometimes they go until three or four in the morning."

Lucinda Light MAFS
Dinner parties can take up to 16 hours to film ©Channel 4

While we'd much rather have our beauty sleep, it's confusing that filming takes so long. Why can't the cast just get in, say their piece, and leave? Well, according to Lucinda, it all comes down to location.

"The actual place where we filmed was in this old warehouse close to the airport in Sydney and airplanes used to come down really low and loud and often they’d have to stop filming and start again, and that would just be on repeat. Sometimes you’d just be like, ‘Oh my God, this is a lot.’"

So how, you may be wondering, did production make it all worth it?

"They’d bring in little sugar treats to keep everybody pepped up and energised. Shake things out.”

While this wouldn't cure the numb bum, Lucinda assured us that she's a sugar fiend and it more than worked for her.

It looks like the key to a woman's heart really is a lot simpler than most would think.

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