Married At First Sight star reveals odd rules they had to live by during filming

So many secrets 👀

married at first sight

by Hannah Mellin |

We were truly obsessed with MAFs UK when it finally hit screens in 2021 and we're currently utterly obsessed with the brand new cast as a fresh batch of singles look for love and hope they find their happy-ever-after with a complete stranger, who they will meet on their wedding day. We already think that there might be even more carnage this year...

We're all very aware that the series was filmed a few months ago yet, and the show stars are sworn to secrecy about whether they actually stay the married (they're have very strict social media bans in place), and Married At First Sight UK series on babe Amy Christophers has spilled the tea on the odd rules couples had to follow while filming the show and we’re LIVING for them.

Viewers will know that couples must live together during the experiment, first on a swanky honeymoon and then truly moving in together during the final weeks.

Now show star Amy, who married Joshua Christie on the show, has filled us in on some secrets that we definitely didn’t know, including rules on how much they’re allowed to drink and how much couples are allowed to spend on shopping.

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Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff

Sam and Elizabeth might not have lasted, as Sam seemed far more interested in Ines. But Lizzie was the true winner - she was so popular with viewers she appeared on the next series of the show, finding love with Seb Guilhaus. But, sadly, they split earlier this month after a year together.

Speaking to The Sun, Amy admitted that drinks weren’t exactly rationed during filming. That probably explains the dinner party showdowns.

She said, "There wasn't really a cap on it. They tried to stop us getting too smashed, but we were all quite strong willed.

"We were a nightmare to try and control. I actually feel bad for production. We were a total nightmare and hated having our freedom taken away."

Amy also dished the tea on what they eat during the experiment, revealing that they had ‘£50 to spent on takeaways’ and a ‘£100 weekly shopping budget’ from a supermarket.

"I actually bought food and did cook for Josh occasionally, but then we realised everyone else was using their supermarket budget for booze.

"So we ended up doing the same...," she fessed.

Amy also said even though there was a gym in the apartment buildings, COVID regulations meant that only one person could train at a time.

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However, a MAFs spokesperson denied claims of ‘unlimited’ booze on set, telling the publication, "Alcohol intake was monitored across the shoot, which took place during the course of a single evening, and producers prioritised the contributor’s safety and wellbeing at all times."

Amy and Josh's romance sadly didn't last very long as they split soon after the commitment ceremony.

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