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Married At First Sight UK Joshua Christie Shipwrecked

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Married At First Sight UK returned to our screens this week to fill the Love Island-shaped void in our lives and, honestly, we’re already completely hooked. The show has been given a huge shake-up following the success of the Australian series which aired on E4 earlier this year and it’s more dramatic than ever.

Viewers were introduced to the brides and grooms on Monday when the series began and among the new faces, we couldn’t help but feel like we recognised some of the singletons and it turns out we right as some of the cast have had previous TV appearances exposed.

The latest of which is Joshua Christie, who married Amy Christophers during last night’s episode, as he starred on Shipwrecked back in 2019.

Married At First Sight UK Joshua Christie Shipwrecked
©© E4

The Battle of the Islands saw the Tigers compete against the Sharks to win a £50,000 prize and Josh entered as a Tiger in episode two but was forced to leave before the show as his grandad unfortunately fell ill.

Married At First Sight UK Joshua Christie Shipwrecked
Joshua appeared on Shipwrecked in 2019 ©© E4

At the time, he told his fellow contestants, “Listen guys, I don’t want anyone to get upset but I’ve got something to say. I’ve been in touch with family back home, I’ve been notified that I have a family emergency so this has caused me to leave with immediate effect from this competition.

“I’ve met some really good people and I don’t want you guys to get upset. It’s just something that I have to do so, yeah, I’m sure you guys all understand.”

Josh later said, “I’m actually so happy for the time I’ve been given. I think I’ve met a real good bunch of people.”

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Sam and Elizabeth might not have lasted, as Sam seemed far more interested in Ines. But Lizzie was the true winner - she was so popular with viewers she appeared on the next series of the show, finding love with Seb Guilhaus. But, sadly, they split earlier this month after a year together.

The 26 year old has also previously taken part in The Ibiza Weekender and he’s not the only MAFS star to have appeared on TV before as Morag Chrichton, who married Luke Dawson earlier this week, previously attempted to find love on Take Me Out.

Speaking about her experience on the show, she told the Plymouth Herald, “I didn’t get a date, and I’m not disappointed.

“There was nothing wrong with the men but I wouldn’t have gone out with them in real life. I had to be true to myself.”

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Meanwhile, Josh found himself in an awkward encounter with wife Amy when they met for the first time at the aisle after she got cold feet and kept him waiting for an hour.

After they came face to face, Josh said, “She’s brunette, pretty face, curvy. But I think the idea of getting married and then actually getting married are two different things.

“Oh my god. What the f--k am I doing?”

And things went from bad to worse as the pair posed for their wedding photos when he rejected the chance to kiss his new wife.

“We’ll save that for later,” Josh said, to which an unimpressed Amy replied, “Will we?”

He later admitted, “I don’t know if there’s a spark between us, it’s too early to tell.”

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